Window Cleaning Brush

I went to a local jan/san shop and picked up a brush to test out for traditional window cleaning. I saw the pic of the one that Mike is using and the one I chose is slightly different as you can tell from the pics. If I am going to try this method I didn’t want to have to use a ladder to reach 2nd floor windows since I try to avoid ladders as much as possible as a matter of safety.
This brush has a threaded hole so it can be used on a pole but since I didn’t want to have to thread and unthread it every time just to scrub a window I made up a handle (leftover Contour handle) that would make it as easy as using a strip washer. This way the brush wouldn’t be at a disadvantage when I test it out. I’ve already decided I won’t be using it inside as I worry about severe dripping issues. Plus inside windows (non CCU) just don’t get to dirty for a strip washer to handle.
I will give it a try next week on some jobs w/ and w/out shotgun fungus to see what I think. For it to be something I’d switch to instead of a strip washer it would need to be able to replace the need to scrape heavy debris from the window.
I can see a possible use on my Tucker pole. Since I have one boars hair brush and might need it on both the Tucker and CL-X on some occasions this brush on the Reach Around may be able to give the extra scrub that my Vikan brush may not.

Hey cool, im curious as to how it’ll turn out for you. If it goes well ill probably be making a trip to the janitorial store myself :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of what I’ve found the brush useful for -


Excellent video Tony. Thanks.


Great video, say that powder your using what’s it made of ?

You know that a boar hair brush can hold way more water that won’t drip out, right ? I mean the old school kind that’s made to be hand held ! I’ve never seen the one made for the water fed pole, but I’m sure they’re similar !

Again, good job !


Nice video Tony

Thank you for sharing this, Tony. Good information.
I’m puzzled why you wear your backpack, though. They can be really heavy.
I carry mine on an old suit case caddy. That really does the trick :wink:
Did you do this video just top o’ the head with no notes?
You are so natural, I had forgotten how well you do, but I remember now!

Dange - I agree the boars hair holds more water but the video was more about the usefulness of the nylex bristle brush Mike uses. I’ve been trying it out to see it’s potential uses.

Vic - I wear the back pack because of the terrain of my clients homes. I don’t mind the weight and not having to drag the back pack on the ground is easier for me. I will be setting up our Hudson back pack on a caddy for Mrs Squeegee in the spring so we can both be wfping at the same time on our monthly houses. I had to do the video twice because the homeowner came around the corner in the first one but most of the videos are done on the spot. I do take a couple of minutes to think about the order I want to present the info in.

Great video as usual Tony.

Excellent video review Tony. I have the same brush as Mike and have been putting it though many test situations for the past week or so. I’ll have my video review in a few days.

I look forward to that one too Mark. Was only thinking about the pictures Tony posted today, when I find his video! I tried my Ettore Super Brush on some windows,just a trial, it worked out ok, but agree with what Tony says about the strip washer holding water longer. This being particularly beneficial when doing ladder work.

So Mike sent me the link to order a brush like his.

I’ve been using it for the past few days, I like it alot, I don’t have time to give a detailed review but suffice it to say I like it for all of the reasons Mike listed. It really works well.

Today my guys asked why we didn’t use these before.

Thanks Mike, I will be using a brush on the outsides for the most part now. Wish it fit in my BOAB!

Today I saw the brush that Tony has. It’s not quite the same bristle wise to Mike’s brush. I’ve been using the same brush as Mike for the last three weeks. I was going to shoot a video for it this past weekend but got side tracked by work van troubles the last couple of days. Anyways, stay tuned because The review will cover quite a bit including a home made BOAB system for the brush and a swivel handle mod.

How was it different Mark?

Awesome, can’t wait!

The brush Mike, Doug and myself are using, the bristles are straighter and more uniformly stiffer right to the end. If it was the same brush that you use that I saw in a janitorial store, the ends of the bristles are a little softer and spread out. More like a traditional truck wash brush.

Here are a couple of pics.

Here is Tony’s brush again for comparison.

So the brush you are talking about has bristles that are stiff like a Vikan wfp brush not soft like a boars hair brush?

Ya, I have a boars hair brush and the window cleaning brush is way more agressive. Yet, strangely gentle at the same time (if that makes any sense). I think the only glass I wouldn’t use it on is tinted glass, much like not using Ettore’s ‘Porcupine’ washer sleeve. I’m not a bristle expert but the description ‘mono filament’ seems accurate.

[B][I][U][SIZE=“4”][FONT=“Franklin Gothic Medium”]Just Some Input ![/FONT][/SIZE][/U][/I][/B]

Heydie Mark,

So now I see the picture of the brush your talking about…It looks differant then the one Mikie displayed…Thought the bristles look the same 1

Anyway I’m posting to help yawl with how to carry this kind of brush…

This one and most Boar hair brushes have a hole in it…In the days of my training we would use a boar hair for hand work on all type of windows.We would have to carry them up the ladder with us.

So after wetting down the window we’d have to place it some where to squeegee,one way was to place it in front of your thigh above your knee and hold it against the ladder ! That works fairly well.

But you guys are talking about being able to put it in a b.o.a.b ! Well instead you should utilize the hole…First you’d need to have a squeegee holster on your belt,you know the old style. Then put a nail size hole in the bottom and to the front side…depending on which ever side of your waist that you wear it !

Then get a wire the same gauge that you find on a 5 gallon bucket and make a hook, with a small loop on the top and a big wide loop on the bottom,with about a 3" shank !

Take the small loop and insert it into the hole on the holster, then you can place the brush on the hook through the hole in the brush, and wa-la you now have an extra hand ! Plus you have another spot to place a squeegee.

Now this isn’t something I came up with myself, but I learn it from [COLOR="#48d1cc"]" The Sons Of ETTORE "[/COLOR] who trained me and I’ve utilize this process for decades ! Give it a try yawl you’ll find it’s very simple but highly refined !

Just a thought from the school of [COLOR="#48d1cc"]" The Sons Of ETTORE " ![/COLOR]

Back at you Mark B/V W-C