Window Cleaning Business for sale in Ventura, California

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on WCR. I’m finally putting my business up for sale after 7 years. My wife and I are moving on and
need to sell.

If you’d like more specific info on our business located in sunny Southern California send me a message.

Here is the link to my ad which gives some basic info about our company and asking price:

Profitable Window Cleaning Business With Great Reputation: Business For Sale in Ventura, Ventura County, California, United States on

Good luck on your journey!

good luck to you and your family on your journey, hope you are able to sell it off, thats a good chunk of change to help with relocation costs.

We got some good, qualified interest from that site when I sold my biz a month or so ago. Good luck!

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Sorry to hear you two are getting out of the game, good luck with everything.

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Well, not getting out of the game until someone offers a sum that works for us. We’ll see how long that takes!

Have you already sold the business? I could be interested. Based right in Thousand Oaks. Thanks.

He sold
A halfway decent business is gonna run you 25k

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Supposedly he sold to someone who is new to the business and is gonna learn the hard way of running a window cleaning service with no or minimal experience. When you buy a service or route you pretty much are paying for the previous owners loyalty client base. Very rarely are clients on a contractual basis if any. Like all services you lose clients and gain new ones depending on how well you establish yourself and business. So basically he will purchase accounts that he will surely lose a percentage of because I’ve seen it happen numerous times around this area it’s just the nature of the business. Competition is stiff with lots of Julio Iglesias services who charge next to nothing for their work. I like to call them the Home Depot window cleaners. Hacks. My theory is why pay for a route and spend that money when you can build it yourself over time for nothing. By the time you finish paying off that loan and interest you could have your own route and steady work during that time for minimal dollars spent. Exactly what I did. I started from nothing and am very well established and successful now but it took hard work and dedication. It can be done and achieved but like anything it just takes time if you are good enough. Good solid work and personality with professionalism will get you to where you need to be. I would never be suckered into paying for loyalty what a joke and a waste of money. Go to Vegas if you wanna throw $$$ away at least you’d have some fun.

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But time is money and getting business is never free. And if you have the right formula, the route is good, you should be able to absorb those accounts, keep most of them and add to the bottom line. Yes, you can get it over time, but in my opinion that is the most expensive asset anyone has, time, there’s only so much of it, only so much you can do with what you’re given and it’s fleeting.

May this post resonate … your so freaking 100% right it’s not even funny . When I bought my route I didn’t have time to wait so I could start making a salary. When I started I left a job , an was making x amount per week. When I left that job I still was making x amount per week. I just had to wait every month to pay myself.

It would of took me years , an years of hard work to get to the point to what the business was making. Multiple those years an hours by 40-60 dollars , an what do you come up with . Most people are against buying in I don’t know why. Your so right time is money right? So how much time does it take to build a business so you can start to live? Multiply that time by 40-60 dollars an hour.
The funny part is when it comes time to sell a different tune gets sung!

When you buy most, an any business’s there is no gaurantee why should window cleaning be any different. Like any business if you work hard you have a chance of succeeding.
[MENTION=10101]mshramek[/MENTION] put the word out keep looking eventually something will pop up. Try to get to know your market what routes are goin for it will help with your negotiating .

Oh btw good luck an great post

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I hope the best for you and your wife, I was raised in Ojai and have been in the window cleaning trade for 32 years and have been living in a ski town in Colorado for the past 22 years. FYI I tried to sell my own business here but the interest wasn’t there maby it was the snow. Good luck, David

I just went thru Ventura with seeing gas prices at the highest thier I would move too. Lol