Window Cleaning Business for Sale on Long Island in NY

[FONT=arial]I am looking to sell my business. I am going to be relocating down south where I’ll start another window cleaning business.[/FONT][FONT=arial]
[FONT=arial]It is located in Nassau County, on Long Island, N.Y. It is all residential work except for one commercial account I do twice a year. I use a pure water system on 99% of my jobs.

I am a one man show. I schedule most of my jobs in February. I try to keep the steady customers scheduled for the same days every year. I turn work away because I book 3-4 months out. I refer out the power washing business that comes my way. When I receive calls for commercial work I just tell them I only do residential. I also do glass and stainless steel restoration, which I am not selling.

I don’t do any advertising or give any discounts. My new customers come from referrals or the web. My web site ranks high and I don’t pay anyone to have that happen.
[FONT=arial]I do about 200 window cleaning jobs per year. Some of those are people I do twice a year. With the work I have scheduled up until Thanksgiving week, I’ll do 79-80K in window and screen cleaning. Last year in December I did $5200.00 in sales.
[FONT=arial]The sale won’t include any equipment. I will give the customer list with all contact info and prices. I also have estimate sheets for prospects that never used my service. Feel free to contact me with any questions.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial][COLOR=#888888]Tom Spitz
Clearview Window Washing Service
516 536-2213

Hey Tom. What part of the south are you moving to?

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Hey Chad,

Louisiana ! Just kidding. South Carolina, outside of Charleston. I hope all is well.

So funny!!! Everything is good. Thanks for asking. Hope you are doing well. Good luck with selling the business. I am sure it will all work out.

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