Window Cleaning Caption Contest 2

Here’s another window cleaning cartoon to get your creative juices flowing.

Make sure the words “window cleaning” or “window cleaner” appear in text. Contest is over next Thursday. Winner gets 1 window cleaning cartoon of there choosing.

Any resemblence to window cleaners living or dead is entirely coincidental or I am pulling from the collective unconscious - either way it’s not my fault

I’m back on my beat, cloud 9 underfeet!
Sun shinin’, suds flyin’, feelin’ first class!
Tooled up for all panes, Between here an’ Main
I tell ya my friend, [I]I looove cleanin’ glass![/I]

(Guess you caught me in a rare poetic mood, Jesse. I may be disqualified out of the chute since the ‘creative juices’ refused to follow the ‘window cleaning’ terminology rule to the letter. :smiley: Thanks for the refreshing challenge, anyway!)

How come this cartoon has less commentary than the other one? I thought that this window cleaner was funnier by far. I nearly laughed and my wife in her opiate induced haze definitely thought it was more funny than “Speedy Gonzales”, the 4-can-of-red-bull-a-day window cleaner.

I feel like Luke may be on his way to window-cleaning-cartoon victory.

Maybe because it hits more people being true to life look after seeing their reflection in the clean window…

IT WoRkS ! Ooooh Yeah
TSP a Window Cleaners Dream!!!
[COLOR=#4B0082](Picture reminds me of Mr. Dangerous Dave)[/COLOR]:slight_smile: