Window cleaning "cart"

I usually tie everything including a kitchen sink to my tool belt complete with suspenders.

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Agreed, does anyone have an idea for carrying a pole on your person? I haven’t had good luck.

Anyone else having trouble posting photos from their mobile device? I used to be able to, with no problems, but it keeps giving me an error message now.

Ha, wouldn’t it be nice? Actually I have a soft tube with a loop made by Towa. It will hold a 1 1/2’-2’ pole on your belt and I can reach about 8’ maybe 9’ with it. The bitch is getting the pole in and out of the tube.
I know most of this kind of cutesy thing doesn’t work. I just like to play with it.

As for your next post. On a good day with a main frame computer and everything working I have problems. Good luck.

Here is a cart that I like to call my “window express” cart. Took a stock cleaning cart and added a few tubes and I was ready to move quickly.

I think that it offers a lot flexibility and professional.

I like that it does look professional.

Cosmetically, maybe a bit.

But, I bet you could dress that little f*cker up and make it “pop.”
(if the garbage can was black, had the company logo printed across the front, etc…)

[B]-- UNRELATED HONEST QUESTION:[/B] Do you type “This space for rent” in every post?
(‘signatures’ usually don’t show up in quotes, and usually have a little line separating them)

That looks wicked nice, great looking cart… I’m still trying to perfect my creation. I’ve got the parts to hold the poles in place, just need the time to put it all together

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No I don’t, I guess I’m just cool like that, or its because I set it up through tap a talk

This space for rent!

[MENTION=18139]Rosenberg[/MENTION] Craig what kind of cart is that?

I made one with 3 milk crates stacked on top of each other with swiveling wheels. It worked great for the specific project I made it for - cleaning the windows in an old country club / hotel. All wood floors, football field length hallways.

I like having different setups for different jobs. By basic tote consists of a tool tray with all my channels in it zip-tied to a milk crate with my most used handles in the bottom. I can grab this one container and bring every size channel or handle I need for a job into the building in 1 trip.

I could mount this to a hand truck. I have the same collapseable one as He-man and others. I like the idea of stackable storage that can easily be reconfigured. Zip ties work well for this.

I don’t think I could improve upon Dale’s or Mike’s design. I guess there’s no “best cart” it all depends on what you want it for. Doesn’t look bucket- bob-ish to me. It looks organized, like you have your **** together. Customers are always commenting on how impressed they are by my organization lately.

I used to be a hot mess. Organization was definitely not my strong point. It’s my main priority now. I have never seen a successful company that wasn’t organized.

You look pretty organized to me Jesse @ greenj26.
Hey, I wanted to hit you up for some ideas after seeing your yellow orbital in the tray.
I like to use a BOAB for carrying my scrubber and squeegee and I run into a problem when I want to use a regular scrubber and one of the Wagtail squeegees with the fins on the back.
The squeegee won’t fit in the narrow slot.
Probably for a separate thread, any ideas?

I use a double nylon ettore holster for my orbital wagtail and my swivel ledger. I have my boab on my left since I use the lefty for scrubbing and my nylon holster with squeegee on the right.

I spit all over the computer screen when I read this comment! lol. It just struck me as funny. I guess because the language was way over kill for the topic and seemed weirdly out of place. It was funny in a strange sort of way.

I kicked the garbage can to the curb and replaced it with a waste basket, taped a business card to it.
Now that little f*cker “pops” :slight_smile:

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My finished product for my indoor mall window cleaning cart
I added clips to hold my extension pole, a 5 gallon bucket. I added two cup holders inside the bucket to hold my water/magic cleaning solution, I’m going use a bottle technique in the mall so I’m not dunking my stripwasher in a bucket. The goal is to use less water so I have less mess to clean up on the floor outside stores.

So there it goes, for now my final product

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central, Mass
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Sorry about that, thanks for correcting me…

  • I now know that you are using “Waste Basket.”
  • Which is completely different than the “Garage Can” the OTHER 310 million people in the US (incorrectly) see you carrying.

Which is definitely not 'strapped in with a bungee chord.'
But, instead, “secured by an Elastic Stress Enabled Support Device.”

I think you and I are kindred spirits man. No homo.

This post made me laugh.