Window Cleaning Cartoons

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October 2007 Window Cleaning Cartoon
[size=4]As of October 2007 we are drawing two cartoons a month.
This way be have a better chance that one of them might even be funny![/size]

The new Cartoon has just been posted at

Here October 1st, cartoon:

Here is September 2007 cartoon:

Also if your on MySPACE swing on by our page and get added at:

If you need any clipart or would like a custom cartoon contact me. Note: custom cartoons are only $25.00 and done at my discretion.

Thanks again,

a.k.a Chato B. Stewart

Where’s the newest one Stuart? That one is a friggin RIOT!!:smiley:

I love that one too Stuart kind of cathardic. I picture it every time someone gives me the old you missed a spot! Be honest Craig how many people have you done that to.;):smiley:

Oh I haven’t seen it, please post it if you have the chance.

that waterspot cartoon is pretty good

I don’t get the tater (I am not very sharp)

Alliterative play-on-words (a potato is also called a spud; “spud” is close to “spot” in sound.)

If you go to Stuarts post and click This months cartoon and when you get there click on New cartoon. It will crack you up!

If you don’t mind I would like to quote some of your replays… that is if it’s ok with Chris.

I have a heat press too so if you want a cartoons as t-shirts I’m working on that… it’s a bit of a learning curve but i’m getting it slowly. lol
For example I forgot you need to … :stuck_out_tongue: ummmmm :rolleyes: reverse the image then print it before I heat press it… any one want a few shirts that you can only read in a mirror… lol

Thanks again,


Quote away Stuart…