Window Cleaning Certification Coming This Year

On WC Institute there is a banner ad for the uamcc. I followed the link to their website.
Here’s a screenshot of one of their pages.
I had a feeling this was coming and that the above-mentioned forum might be a channel for it. What do you think about certifications for window cleaners?

How can you certify a window cleaner?

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If a window cleaner pays $149 for a piece of paper, you can certify they aren’t that bright.

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I’m not personally sold of certs. If potential customers actually think they are noteworthy, I’d consider it just for the financial advantage. But if I were to get certified for personal reasons, I’d really want to be sure it is bona fide.

Dan, if you think it would help, I can certify you for $30.

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Realistically unless the certification is nationally/internationally recognized and set by regulatory standards its just a waste of time and money its not a real certification.
Sure you can have in house certification, for e.g. John Smith has been certified to follow the guild lines and procedures of your company. but since there is not any industry standards for Window cleaning on its own it would just be throwing money away from another independents companies certification that does not legally hold any weight or credit.
However there are industry standards for very many of the access equipment/procedures we need to use which have their own certifications that each window cleaning company should have. some of these are: working at heights cert, elevated work platform cert, BMU cert, Internationally approved rope access cert.
If you are certified to used the access technique, you are as certified as you can be.