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Mr. Squiigii Window Cleaning Columbus Ga 706-442-8209 window repair, restoration, replacement, Exterior maintenance-washing all trim, molding, facia, soffit, pillers, columns, entrance ways, hand painted exteriors, and anything else that needs to be cleaned.
I am a one man corporation with a couple of part-time workers. I started business exactly one year ago. Things seem to be picking up. I am working on building personal relations with clients. Right now I have a couple of big jobs going on.
You can find me Facebook at Squiigii Yewinder friend page & Mr. Squiigii fan page. Businesses can also connect with me on LinkedIn. For all the others who love Google, I am on it.

Sounds like you are well on your way. Congratulations. And welcome.

This is one of the weirdest guys I have ever encountered. We ended up having to ban him last week and hes been going a bit crazy ever sense. I had to ban him for repeated use of the “N” word and some other very strange behavior. Hes been sending horribly nasty emails insisting we reinstate him here… Very weird behavior. I dont know how to take the guy. Anybody encounter him before?

He’s all over Robert Lamb’s FB group now, acting about the same. I’ve seen a little video of him – he is starting to rappel. He stole some text from an English WC’er site for his own website. He doesn’t care… Seems like he has visions of grandeur.

Yea his entire website is ripped off its pretty easy to tell just by googling the text. Even his testimonials…

Wow dude, just wow. I’m just glad I’m not competing against him in Columbus, Georgia, Robinson Solutions blogs start like that lol

Yea im glad Im not offering window cleaning and high-rise window cleaning services in Columbus, Georgia. Do we have any other members here that clean windows in Columbus, Georgia?

I drove through Columbus, Georgia once but I didnt notice any window cleaners or window cleaning companies. I would have remembered seeing this guy though:

Hey Chris, it seems like guys like this are just trying their darndest to steal WCR’s seo juice for their benefit and bring absolutely nothing positive to the forum. And as you’ve mentioned guys like this are obviously not running ethical businesses, what with all the stealing. When you run into problem posters like this, is there any way to remove their posts and/or if necessary their entire conversations, even those that are referenced by other posts? And is there any reason you’d prefer not to remove them?

Yea usually we simply just remove all their posts real quick like before they get indexed. But Im thinking maybe thats the wrong tactic with a guy like this who offers window cleaning services in Columbus, Georgia. Maybe if we wants to get indexed so bad we should just let him…

At this point, him getting indexed through WCR would have more of a detrimental effect on his business than anything, considering the way he’s behaved and the things that have been written by members. Plus, you wouldn’t want to spread the sentiment of “if you act up you’ll get what you want” here.

Either way… Mr. Squiigii and his actions = not a good look. I’m actually shocked that he’s not back here with a different UN yet.

I really don’t see him, uh, blending into the normal population very well, even with a new UN. Haha

We actually thought we were dealing with someone with a head injury of some type.

HAHA I didn’t want to be the one to say it :slight_smile:


Can a leopard change its spots?


Forget free shipping on his next order, send him a helmet.

I pick things up, I put things down, I, I, I, I, I, I

true words from the clown prince


Clean windows are not cheap,
And cheap windows are not clean…

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