Window cleaning here

The strategy is to have 2 people cleaning windows at the same time. And you get done twice as fast.

Trying to sell your services based on being cheaper than others is a dangerous and foolish game.

What about selling based the fact that you can offer a higher quality service? Leave price out of it and sell on quality. You need to get the payment that you deserve for offering something others cannot.

Thanks, well put. I’m going to edit the “cheaper than competitors” part out.

ther is a company that has been doing that for years across most of canada. they are more expensive than everyone else by far.

What’s their name?

canadian property stars. they hire anyone with a pulse. take them out in a 12 passenger bus with wfp shopping carts on a trailer. some of their people make nothing and quit some make alot.
i did canvassing and on the spot cleaning in 2014 and 2015 and will hopefully be doing it again this year.

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better to have 2 knocking till you get a deal then he cleans it while the other keeps knocking.

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Interesting, and they don’t clean the insides?

Or take out screens that are outside?

they have no ladders, they do not remove screens. they did not do insides last i talked to them. it’s a convenience thing
i don’t remove screens from outside either. i will remove from inside if we are in/out cleaning.

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(sample question)

Potential customer: “Well if I’m paying $‘X’ I’d like my outside screens removed too”


LOL. 2 people are never twice as fast. If you don’t know that then, here is your free lesson.



How about 2 people cleaning the SAME window at the SAME time?


And then you use a 3rd guy to wipe the drippys


I am not interested in arguing or semantics, in practice there is not a 2x multiplier.

Being silly now.

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You’ll be back Dan! And when you get here I’ll be waiting for you with a warm hug and a friendly smile. Because I love you. :fist:

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