Window cleaning in a BLIZZARD


Trad-Man, you are THE MAN. But…aren’t them legs cold? And no gloves?. Yup…you are the best and tough, oh, and ya clean a mean window too. How nice your customers can look out at the snow through a nice beautiful window. That’s inspiring. :sunglasses:

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I appreciate the comment. Thank you for taking the time to watch. My customers have gotten used to me turning up in all weather’s. Any customers that complain when its a bit wet or windy or snowing i just tell them i don’t think I’m the service for them and i remove them from the list and replace with good regular no fuss customers. Thats how I’ve got a route that’s near enough prefect and i dont need to worry about being turned away when the weather’s not great. :grin:


Here in my part of the world, I don’t think many res customers would agree to have me if it’s snowing beyond flurries.
Storefronts, that’s another story.

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You can take my weather, but you’ll never take my squeegee!

Braveheart two coming to a theater near you!

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Nice to know I am not the only focused individual. Nice video! I remember almost getting pushed over by the snow plow in three feet of snow. Then another time when I had to shovel to get at every window. And another time when I actually got stuck in a snow bank and couldn’t get out. Yet another time trying to use a twenty foot pole with the snow up to my arm pits and a splitting headache. I did go home after that one. Fun times! Lets hear about any other misadventures.


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At least I noticed the most impressive fact

Pete is working in the snow with a KILT!!

Watch again folks.

Top man

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Good man

Lol! All for a good cause :wink: thank you for taking the time to watch much appreciated

@Trad-Man How cold was it that day?

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Not 100% sure but somewhere around zero degrees Celsius

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