Window cleaning in salt lake city, Utah

Hello my name is Alex
My wife and I have been thinking about moving to Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a lot of experience in window cleaning and would like to start my business in Utah. Anyone out there knows how much work is there for window cleaners in Salt Lake City?

There’s a big population in the entire Salt Lake metropolitan area. With a big population comes a lot of opportunities.

If I were to start a new window cleaning business I would start here:

@Chris’ book

Also read the E-Myth Revisited

Listen to @Jersey podcast.

There’s a lot more that I would want to say. Just no time. I’m sure others will join in the conversation.


Hey thanks for the recommendations!

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I’ve actually been considering moving to SLC from San Diego. Visited the area and just returned last week. Beautiful city and lots of very nice homes from far north SLC all the way down past Provo and southward. All along the Wasatch there are very nice and expensive hillside homes, I would imagine one could be quite successful. Keep the rest of us posted! Best wishes,