Window Cleaning Information for Canucks

What good websites or magazine do you look for information for window cleaning as it pertains to the Canadian market?

I’m a regular subscriber to AWC and I always thought they should have a section in their for Canadian window cleaners. Like a 4 or 8 page insert.

Perhaps you should lobby for a subscription.

Nah I don’t think that’s necessary or the market is there for it.

Consumer Reports does the same thing. For the Canadian market they send the same magazine published in the States, but they add about 4 pages with Canadian specific topic.

I think the AWC could do the same thing. Or sometimes include stories about Canadians or people around the world. Although the name of the magazine is American Window Cleaner it truly has become something enjoyed by window cleaners by many countries, not just Americans.

I’m not sure that CR and AWC are comparable (i.e. circulation, interest, etc.)

Have you sent your suggestion to the publisher? Their staff is probably always looking to improve their product and make it more interesting.