Window cleaning mobile homes . . . a market for everything!

Today was the first day I have ever cleaned the windows on a mobile home, theoretically it was a modular, but it was definitely brought in on wheels. The customer called me on a referral and said she had 5 windows to clean (10 by my definition) so I told her I would have to do it going to or from a job, wasn’t going to make a special trip to clean 5 windows. Anyhow it took us about 45 min. $100 + $20 tip! It has ceased to amaze me what kind of people have money to clean windows. The customer was super nice and asked me to come back next year. Maybe I’ll start hitting some of the upscale mobile home parks!

Some of the newer modular homes have more glass than the same size stick built homes. We do a few, but I do not market to them. Defiantly fill in work in most cases.

Wow that is pretty good. Out here you are lucky to get $120 for power washing and windows on mobile homes. I stopped cleaning them because people want them done for so cheap. Every time I drive by a mobile home community there is a power washer driving out with a cold water on a trailer.

I do about 30 Mobile Homes a Year and they always TIP.

Is that before senior day discount or after ? LOL

No honestly they pay my per pane price (no discounts) and they still Tip. I treat them like any other job I would do. My thought is if its a window and they want it cleaned by me they need to pay the same as my lakefront homes, there windows aren’t any different.

A Dirty Window is a Dirty Window…

Call it what IT IS, it’s a TRAILER!

Don’t underestimate folks in a mobile. I do several in a senior (55 plus) community. These folks have money. Every time I go I’m there, I get another client who sees me working.