Window Cleaning Network

HEy Group,

What is up with Window Cleaning Network(Gary Maurer) bashing on Chris and Alex.

He states that he never received a telephone call. Is this true?


Yeah its true… We obviously didnt call him we just said that joking around.

I am soo sick of the battling with him. We basically just want him to leave us alone but he just cant stop… He just has to mention us once a week… He went a little crazy with it today.

And the deal with the videos is pretty simple. There is a disclaimer before them that there will be offensive material. If you dont like offensive stuff dont watch them its as easy as that.

Correct. If you watched the video. It was an off the cuff “funny” comment. We were in the middle of a live show and people in the room were asking us to talk about all the stuff that had gone down that week. We did not want to talk about it. We were done with it. So Chris said “we (meaning Gary) spoke and cleared everything up” Clearly not to be taken seriously. And the rest is history. The joke was taken out of context. If you could see the video it was said in a 100% humorous fashion to defuse the situation.

We’ll see what happens when things blow over.

Thanks to all who still support us.

Ha come this thread is not posting on the homepage?

We feel that only professional “non slamming” topics should be on the homepage.

Nothing personal Doug. Just trying to keep things on the up and up. You get it man.

maybe you need a good lawyer. Cease and Desist!

Or a guy named Two Time Tommy. :slight_smile:

“Hey whise guy, you want I should come down and have word about dis?”