Window Cleaning Opportunity?

Hi, been in the business since 1999- 8 yrs in New Orleans; 3 yrs in northwest Florida. Moved my family from New Orleans 1.5 yrs after Katrina, took a huge leap of faith, and restarted our business from scratch. Our business was successful in N.O., and considering the state of the economy, we are not doing too bad here in Florida. I am a good window cleaner with high standards and a strong work ethic. I enjoy my work. To be honest, I feel lead to make changes in my life. I would like to know if anyone is interested in partnering with me or, if the pay is right, taking me on as an employee. I am 43yrs old and in good shape. With humlity, I figured I’d ask.
In Him,
Mark Mastio

Freeport is a little far out Highway 20 for me right now. I am working on a couple of things in that area, not sure of when they are going to come together.