Window cleaning philosophy

I just got started in the business. Im no stranger to hard work and dedication as a retired Army veteran. I have spent the better part of 20 years in customer service including for the Federal, state and private sector.

My plan is to build a solid foundation built on values and good work ethics.

My philosophy is never to leave a customer behind. If someone takes the time out of their day to answer the door… They are going to be my customer even if they get the best deal on the block!

I would rather make $250 on a house that took me two hours than walk away from someone that wanted the service. And if that is too high… Well I am not leaving that home until we make a deal. Even if that means I am giving them a great price and returning a few months down the road :slight_smile:

The I Power Wash Texas Promise: Exceeding Your Expectations, Every Wash

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Sweet. This one is for you.
Power Washing Breakdown.xlsx (14.1 KB)

Optimized for Houston TX. You can put in your inputs in the areas that are light grey. It is based on the model of owner operator, one truck. Breaks everything down all the way to your take home pay. Taxes are Texas specific. know your numbers. when all is said and done. It’s all numbers.

Thank you! So, when you are on your own, what do you set as your hourly pay and doe sit pass the IRS?

I would assume we all want to minimize profit on paper.

Depends on the type of work being done. We are a father and son dual member LLC. Storefront work and residential is a percentage of pay post-constructoon is a percentage of each man hour charged.
I don’t do the independent contractor route because, it is in my opinion wrong todo and pretty much illegal in my state. You will find another upload of a spreadsheet that breaks down a comparison employee and independent contractor model with the breakdown to takehome pay for both with the same imputs. All decisions and what and how we pay ourselves go through the bank and are known both by our accountant and CPA.

So what do you recommend to minimize your income and does it pass the IRS test? Do you use independent contractors? What kind of write-offs do you suggest? What works best for you?

independent contractors that are 1099’d, do no work for anyone else and are a sole proprietor is one thing

hiring an independent contractor who is an existing corporation with other clients is a completely different thing

Come back in a month and tell me how that worked out for you.


Congrats. I say fuck yes go after it.

You do not want every client but you will get that as TripleC says.

My philosophy:

You can’t force people to buy a luxury service.

We were all gung ho at some point in the beginning of our window cleaning journeys. Heck, I’m trying to figure out how to catch that “fire” with my new business as well.

The problem with being too pushy and not taking no for an answer is that its a bad look. There’s a national pest control company that invades our area in this manner every year. You can always tell because there’s a half dozen posts in every Facebook group complaining about it. Door to door is one thing, but aggressive door to door will get the cops called quickly.

The other problem is once you cave in and do the job at any cost (low), you now have a customer for life, and that’s not necessarily a good thing if you lowballed yourself to begin with. Its not scalable or maintainable. It may feel good to make $125 per man hour when you’re solo and have no real expenses, but fast forward a few years and you’ll be taking a loss on all those nickel and dime customers.

Just my two cents.


I was just talking with a buddy of mine, and we both said , Thank god for our reoccurring customers.
we wouldn’t be saying that if these reoccurring customers were begged into becoming our customers.
You don’t want reoccurring customers that are not good paying customers.

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