Window Cleaning Picnic July..who's going?

Im curious to know who plans on attending the “Window Cleaning Network” Picnic?

I see that Shawn will be unveiling his new “hot water” unit and no doubt a few other goodies.

It looks to be a very eventful picnic to say the least. Just so those that are planning on going I’ll be giving a seminar on “Stains & Chemicals” hard water removal tin side vs air side of glass etc.Will be a very good seminar to get up to speed for those that want to learn and those that can still learn a few things;)

I hope you are planning a filming your seminar and posting it on WCR for those of us who won’t be attending the picnic!!!

Not a bad idea! We’ll have to look into that possibility :wink:

i’ll be there…the picnic is the best event of the year!!! imo good food and great people. plus TONS of doorprize goodies!!! look forward to it every year.

If there was a picnic out west i would attend

It’s not a picnic – it’s the picnic.

So do most people fly or drive to the picnic?

Sorry Chris,

I will be cleaning windows on that weekend…

Oh im not going Doug… I was just asking… Ive never been to the picnic.

I wish I could fly out, but the fact that we are bringing out several systems and poles for demos we have to drive out.

We will be happy to unload some of that cargo in WI for good and not bring it back for quite a discounted price:D

Ha come you are not going Chris?

One more thing, every time i try to watch window cleaning nation, it does not load.

I do have the current version of the player… being i have a new mac with osx

If they had [B]the [/B]picnic out west I would attend

Then it wouldn’t be the picnic.

It would not be THE picnic, but it would be DA bomb

Damn Cheese heads in WI

Wrong coast for me to attend

I will be attending. I went for the fist time last year. If I could pick only attending the picnic or the IWCA convention, I would pick the picnic for sure. It’s a much more intimate atmosphere. Much more laid back. Much better food. Much more affordable to attend. And it’s only a weekend. I wouldn’t count it out just because it’s not in your own back yard.

Texas is in the middle. Have it here next time. Double attendance and sales. (You can fit 5 or 6 states in Texas so it wouldnt just be a regional thing.) Oh yeah, we don’t have picnics in Texas. We have BBQ’s.

I love BBQ’s

No Particular reason…I usually just have other things going on in the summer. Ill probably go next year.

Right click the most recent link or on the mac CTRL and touch the most recent link. Just save the target to your desktop. Watch it once its downloaded. Its a big file so watching it streaming doesn’t always work.

Chris and Alex not going? thats sucks man…i was hopeing to meet you guys.

you are the new powerhouses in window cleaning websites/forums/store and your NOT going? WTF? no WCR reps? there are 2 events a year this is the best one hands down.

Craig always comes from Cali. thats a drive. you guys are big time, dont you have your own heli or g5? just take that. you guys should think about going…Reach higher gound is giving a $10 gas discount!!! that should sell you rigth there. AND Llaczko is going and you guys LOVE him.