Window Cleaning Rescue, Lawsuit, Pigeon Poo & Cross Dresser


Wouldn’t car insurance cover this lawsuit?

If he was only seeking actual damages, probably. Sounds like he’s trying to ‘cash in’, though, by claiming pain and suffering and emotional distress. His insurance carrier isn’t going to touch that type of a frivelous suit with a ten foot pole.

I also seem to recall earlier coverage of this story stating that he escaped without injury. Now he’s claiming he was injured and missed work because of it…

If someone landed on my car from an 11 story fall, and I managed to escape without major injuries, I’d be counting the blessings for myself and the fall victim. I’d place a claim with my car insurance for actual damages, and move on.

So my incredibly biased, one-sided word of advice to the “victim” pursuing this suit: “Get over yourself!”

Yep, seem to remember that picture of him talking on the phone after the incident. Another insurer may have contacted him & made him greedy.

Lawsuit: c’mon, if someone fell 100 feet and landed on my truck, I’d be like holy crap are you ok? Let’s go halfsies on a lotto ticket dude! I wouldn’t sue them if they promised not to do it again: sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Pigeons: it’s called the Gamo Whisper and a target rich environment.

Cross: umm, this one gives the whole uniform debate a whole new spin. Instead of hats vs no hats, it’s underwear only vs pants. I know Caleb [MENTION=7230]c_wininger[/MENTION] at Lake Side Go Go Cleaners is cool with the Wham tight shorts… But when I offer the “full package” I don’t mean the FULL package alright?

Also, does OSHA have an exemption for heshe’s climbing windows without proper safety precautions? I don’t really care how you rock the short shorts or the tank top a fall from 10’ on your head is going to kill you. Look fabulous all you want, just do it safely alright?

That’s California for you , greedy attorneys

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