Window Cleaning Technique: Fingertips

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Good video, only comment not meant to be negative, the two-handed technique really just not practical the way it was performed. You just sat in one place not producing any work just over squeegee in the same area has its time and place though.

I liked it. Was curious if the little squeegee dance thing you did before starting clean. Was that just a demo of fingertips or one of you little habits? We all have our little ticks.


i think you are referring to 0:30?

Yes, that is for video purposes to make it clearer. It was a somewhat cloudy overcast day and many times in these videos, the viewer cannot even tell where the soap is and isn’t on the window.

That is also a move necessary when using the Liquidator to keep the rubber wet.

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I hear you, Jeff. It’s not negative and others have said the same. Thanks for the feedback.

As a little more explanaton, the way I do the 2 hands is different than others in that the scrubber is not used to catch water but to scrub. It never shows through in the video but I am applying a good amount of pressure with the scrubber.

Also, when just scrubbing with one hand, the other hand is just resting, correct? To me, that is inefficient. I’d rather put that hand to use and take the water off immediately to see if I’ve missed anything and can re scrub immediately, instead of scrub, squeegee, check, rescrub, resqueegee…etc. But you do have a point. :sunglasses:

Part of it is also show. It attracts customers to me. Call it active advertising. You won’t see me doing it on resi, lol.


Ok, just watched again. I guess it was a bright sunny day, lol. Anyway, it’s a habit when I’m filming to make it clearer. :grin:

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