"window cleaning" @twitter

If you go to:


it is a real time page of people twittering the words “window cleaning”

Its pretty interesting… I read a few pages deep and its interesting to read what the general public says about us.

Here are a few:

     [k_co](http://twitter.com/k_co): [B]Window cleaning[/B] guy smells like an ashtray. Ugh *cough*

     [busytucker](http://twitter.com/busytucker): Just had a visit from window cleaner advertising 'pure water [B]window cleaning[/B]'. Called him after reading his brochure. Cold water !! Hmmm....

     [Chaddygumbo](http://twitter.com/Chaddygumbo): wonders what inspires a man to advertise the his [B]window cleaning[/B] business on the same van that shows he is uncle donought a kids clown!!

Then there are some window cleaners on there talking about there day.

Window Cleaning: With the continued warm-up, we are working in Littleton.

Dodging rain drops today for must-do window-cleaning jobs. People coming in for AT&T must have clean windows

Just got home from window cleaning ALL DAY! man alive its a good job it pays well!!

Ive mentioned twitter a few times… and its really quite amazing. I really believe its the future of communication and reading the news.

mrchriswcr is my handle and subscribe to wcconvention to get up to the minute updates if you cant be in Atlanta this week.

Chris, I know you said the “future of communication” but I guess I was missing something on Twitter. I canceled my account because I hardly was able to actually communicate with anyone. Mostly people blogging about themselves. No real connecting or friendships being created.

I started changing the way I use it what… What I did was pick out a bunch of people I believe to be really successful or super interesting. On top of that I picked some news site like New york times and CNN… Every news story gets sent out. So I scim through and just pick a few news items to read that really peak my interest. I mostly follow marketing and very important tech people… I find it interesting to hear the thoughts of people I admire.

I noticed your account was gone Steve… I found your posts uplifting.

Thanks Chris, I may take another stab at it because everyone is so hot about it, but I felt like I was really not “getting it.”

A big problem here is that you can’t use it from a mobile, only from a computer.

Thanks, did not know you could search like that