Window cleaning via drone

Well I’ve posted in the past about automation and here’s another take on it. I think the last conversation stirred some controversy and it was left that no amount of automation would replace high rise window cleaning/building washing. I tend to disagree. This is another company that has another take on automated building Cleaning. Not sure how viable this is(seems far fetched to me) only because I don’t think softwashing windows will actually leave them clean. For building cleaning maybe? Advances are being made everyday. I like how this company wants to train your existing employees to get off the ladders and fly a drone instead. Interesting take.

These guys have a good idea but it is not one that works well. as @mshramek said it is a great idea for building washing but the agitation needed to cleaning many if not all windows is lacking and to say the solution breaks to a clean window outcome is milking a unicorn. Hot glass will expose that everyday and twice on Sunday. As the technology continues to improve (stabilizers, gyros, cameras, etc.) there will be a need for more simple tech savvy employees which this next generation will not be lacking when it comes to controlling something with a joy-stick.

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The people at Ycombinator do not understand blue collar labour and their investments in performing productive activity are often superficial. They live in information-world and interpret all problems as information manipulation projects. I would not make a list of problems with Homejoy or Lucid because that would be used by people who are not using their intelligence to provide real value to the world. The industrial revolution was not generative because intellectuals designed better abstractions.

That drone is more than $30,000. If, hypothetically, there is a new drone out there that provides agitation, is it still worth it? Another hefty cost I learned about is worker’s compensation relating to protection for employee injuries etc, and I was wondering if these can be heavily reduced when a drone is introduced since workers can safely do the job from the ground.