WIndow Cleaning Video TIP Number 3

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Protect your Squeegee Rubber with this Karl Robinson trick

My tip is to use a lighter to burn off the burrs and smooth everything down. I guess fire features in a lot of my tips… humm.

I’ve tried using metal on the separator, but it gets worn down as well AND tends to fall off. So about once a quarter or so, I’ll pull out the old fire stick and get it smoothed out.

Rubber is softer , and more giving

just a small tip … and lots more to Come

That was an old tip!

Old but great tip Karlos !

Our windows - our soul. I often clean windows and often use cleaning service . Watching for their work I understand that it’s very hard to organise so difficult proceed. But now I will try to clean it by myself.

I don’t mean to bash anybody but tips like these make me chuckle. I mean, a two dollar squeegee rubber is good for about $1000 in residential work. I mean come on man.

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It’s not just about the cost. It’s about saving the time and frustration of having a squeegee rubber get nicked up halfway through a job. If you’ve got a BOAB like the ninja, and use it with standard channels (not widebody), there’s a good chance the rubber is only going to last for $200 or $300 worth of windows. Or it might get nicked up just by riding in the BOAB between jobs. Super frustrating. And when you go to flip the rubber, guess what? the BOAB has nicked both sides. More time and money down the drain.

So what I’m guessing, is that you’ve probably never experienced the problem these guys are trying to fix, because the rubber definitely doesn’t last for $1000 or so worth of work if it’s riding in an unmodified Ninja BOAB…

I switched back to my good old Pulex “Tubex”. It will eventually nick up a rubber if I’m careless with it, but it doesn’t eat them for lunch like the Ninja does. I take the squeegees out when I put it in the vehicle, and it seems the ends of the rubber always blow out before I have an issue with nicks.

Exactly Alex. It’s a major issue. You get about 10 windows into a job and without realizing it your squeegee blade has a nick in it from the Bob and you don’t even realize it for a few windows later. Then what do you do change itnout only to go another 10 windows on the new one? The only Bob that doesn’t nick traditional brass channel rubbers is the old school unher bobthat has one slot for the squeegee and only fits brass style channels. That’s the one I use for residential as I use brass on residential. I use sorbo on commercial so I use an ettore Bob on commercial and it doesn’t nick the blade on sorbo channels.

Well I guess you are right. I’ve only experienced that issue once. That’s because I broke my rule of not flipping/replacing my rubber in the morning. My resi job today had 180 windows In & Out. I was tuckered out but if I had another job I would of done it. At $5 a pane, you can do the math. My rubber worked great all day. I have a job tomorrow morning that has roughly 110 panes. I will flip my rubber first thing in the morning and go to work. My point to all this… My $2 rubber absolutely handles $1000 in work before it gets tied off like all the rest of my used rubbers. :wink:

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tip number four is coming up :wink: and i am saving the better ones till last … i think some are going to make peoples head scratch a TAD and hopefully they will say yes thanks for that that really helps . some will be already known some will be totally original , so thats tip number 4 of 1,250

that’s why we still roll with the classic boab. the slot for squeegee doesn’t affect the rubber at all. unless you use widebody channels, and then you can’t use it because the slot is too small.

HAs the original Boab only got one Slot ? and its only designed for right handed People ?


yes, one slot. we use leather holsters on the belt for secondary squeegees. for the lefties we go with the black ettore boab. it also has a slim single slot that’s easy on rubbers, but it’s usable for either righties or lefties. i prefer the unger because it has a handy slot for a click scraper.

Those Single Slot BOABS from Unger restrict work on a ladder

^ how so?

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video coming soon CW

This makes me smile.
Leather holsters on my end is for that slopp towel, and I’m the only one one my crew to use the sidekick.
But that’s just preference.

I’m anal about taking up a “small footprint.”

I’m one of those “it’s easier if I slip behind that ‘whatever’ than to move it’ types.
(Im done before they can say 'oh, let me move this for you…”)
I cringe when I see my guys with all of these “sharp metal objects” poking out in all directions, from the multi slot boabs.

It’s all about presentation! If you don’t have the doodads and thingies hanging off your belt, how will the customer know that you’re a professional? They want a good show.

my Belt set up is second to none :smiley: and created for my envoirement, i will do an in depth run down of that later on