Window cleaning + wasp nest removal

I just bid this lady’s single story house for $500 to clean her windows and she said she’ll go with me only if I can remove the wasps nest around her house as well. There’s 8 nests and I told her $75 per nest and she said OK. A little bit sketchy but I think I can do it.

Take lots and lots of RAID…

They are fairly small nest about the size of your fist. I’m thinking of inserting the hornet expanding foam in the nests super early in the morning when they are sleeping.

@dan1488 are you familiar with Ian Stuart?

No, should I be?

@dan1488 with the numbers in your screen name I thought you might be.

If you don’t have a pest control license, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

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It’s funny you say that. I actually do have a pest control license. I added insulation into attics in homes and it required you to have one. It was a difficult license to get too, funny thing is I still have never touched a wasp nest.


I had just written a similar comment. Different states have different regulations and require different licencing; especially now with the whole honey bee crisis.

Good on you! @CWS

Ah okay…no, it has to do with my birthday. Helps me remember my login info lol.

$75 per wasp nest about the size of your fist? Wow.
I keep a couple of cans of Raid that shoots 20 feet. If I see a nest I give it a shot, no extra charge. With 8 nests I suppose I could charge $10 or $15 to replace my cans of Raid.

Good pricing on the wasp nest removal👌 I say go for it.

Have u heard of Wasp Freeze? I used to use it all the time to kill wasps.

Best stuff ever

Anytime I spray a wasp nest it is usually the size of a golf ball. I have never charged extra for it. Sometimes there are larger nests, but not very often.

I do not like wasps. We have paper wasps here in Florida. They are pretty big, yellow/orange with blackish color-- they are docile but when they sting you, it hurts. I had one go through a hoodie and my shirt, it felt like I had gotten a big shot in my arm. She/he stung me about 3 times and because they are wasps, they do not lose their stingers. I turned around and there he was, sitting on his little golfball nest that was hidden under a palm tree branch. My arm swelled up and hurt for about 3 days, I couldn’t believe it. Ever since then, I just walk by them nice and calm-- they aren’t aggressive. I do not like knocking down their hives, they will be drawn to your “attacking tool” and they follow the lead. My father was an exterminator…maybe they are coming for REVENGE!

Good luck, that is a great price for removal. Also you can just “kill” them without chemicals with soapy water. In case you want to go green…I just get the wasp killer because these aren’t honey bees-- those ones we need!

I go 20 years without getting stung and three years ago a red Carolina hornet tags me on the ear while on a flat roof. It felt like someone shot my ear, blew up three times normal size.

Couple days ago i saw a grapefruit sized nest, the little brown and yellow versions. Just a couple wings visible, so I got the Raid and hit it from 15’. All the sudden a CLOUD of hornets blew out from behind it and I thought for sure it was pain time.

Thankfully they just flew off to the trees. Yikes.