Window Cleaning Workout

What is everyone doing to keep their bodies fit for the rigours of window cleaning? I have a few friends who are still considered “young men” in the same or similar businesses who are feeling like they’re getting old and they are getting injured and wearing themselves out.

So, what keeps you going?

I first of all work a maximum of 4 days in the busiest of times (keep prices high). As well, 2 to 4 gym visits per week with a specifically designed routine targeting the often used muscles of my style of business (95% wfp).

You can’t give what you don’t have. So, what keeps you going?

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It’s taken me time to figure out a routine . But this is what’s working for me . I Sleep at least 8 hours a night . Don’t drink alcohol if I work the next day ( this avoids the feeling of being groggy and tired ) . Since I don’t go to the gym cuz I feel so wiped , I’ve been eating pretty lean and have cut out some foods. This helps me to feel good all day and not feel tired .

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Hey josh , I think I read your question wrong.
I consider window cleaning my gym/workout and I make sure to get plenty of rest . I look at my kids and they have so much energy , and I figured out that it’s cuz they sleep a lot .

Have you measured how many calories you burn on an average work day shift ? I think the average is like 3-4k every 8 hours

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I don’t even find window cleaning to be that demanding, barely 10k steps a day (5 miles) according to fitbit

you have a great routine going, keep it up

the ideal is definitely the gym and strength training, and a full body workout esp including the opposite movements of what we do all day

weights - strength & body balance
cardio - endurance (walking an hour at 4mph etc)
high intensity intervals - capacity (I swear i can think better and quicker after a 15 min session)

that’s the current triad according to the workout books n blogs

the above sounds like you may be in your 40’s (since so many say similar lol)

try walking an hour or even a half hour a day at 4mph (brisk purposeful walk pace)

or even 15-30 min of simple dumbell work

it’ll wipe you out for 3 days at first, but by Thurs you’ll be getting up before the alarm goes off and feel more energy, give it a try!

i definitely have more energy and lift all day when i do weights and cardio, even if as little as 1x a week

the body is too used to the workday, when you workout and do things harder then the workday (lift more weight than a bucket of water etc) , the workday becomes a non event

I’m 48 and just had back surgery, only advice I have is don’t try to be a hero when it comes to lifting/moving things by yourself. And get and keep your core strong or your back will pay the price.

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Im in the gym most days

heavy weights 4 times a week

and cardio the rest so thats approx 3 days, depends if im rained out, then it’s more.

Pretty clean diet - keep away from breads, biscuits, cakes, snack foods and anything you cook by putting it in the oven or fryer.

stick with lean white meats, fish, complex carbs (wholemeal pasta, rice etc) and make my own sauces rather than buy them, that way you know whats in them and seriously cut down on sugars.

that’s awesome!! I’m kind of working myself out of a valley at the moment. but I make an effort to keep the crockpot full of veggies and take an hour or so at lunch to hit the gym with cardio/strength & stay away from fast food by meeting my wife at home for lunch afterward (which is about the only time we see each other during the day since school started for her)

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Thanks for the tips Bruce , I’ll try and do some weights. At least on the weekends

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You can always work out at lunch time.

My only tip is to make sure you know how to use the machines. I only recently found out that I’ve been using this machine wrong my entire life.

I’m not sure how cooking foods in the oven makes them unhealthy?

As in result to work out, its really not needed if you are quite busy. but i guess as WFP becomes more used and the ladder movements that were 100+ moves a day become the occasional ladder move,and not having lugging ropes and rope bags and kit bags up and down stairs hours after hours of high pole work it makes us softer than we were 15 years ago.
Its all in how you work I push myself physically at work both in effort and speed, use stance type movements.
I’m 39 and I can still move a fully extended 32" ladder all day, without any issues.
My general days I average about 10-12kms from just work.
And drink a 6 pack a night :stuck_out_tongue:

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good for you!

try the 15 min high intensity intervals, cardio and dumbbell weights routine (dumbbells means each limb will even out on strength and the improvement in balance and fine motor movements is impressive! I used to only use bar weights, big diff going to dumbbells)

I bet you will be amazed, even if just one time a week!

I thought 40 was a turning point and then i found out 45 was a turning point and now coming up on 50, ugh, 39 is a teenager, lol!

I’m not a gym rat, just always done a little here and there.

It used to be icing on the cake, but now I see if I don’t do a little here and there each week, there’s definitely a price to pay: back out, carpal tunnel flare up, tendonitis issues, whatever, the list goes on and on unfortunately

building your habits now will only help you later, you’re investing in your long term health, trust me

Funny part is there was always someone doing something like this. In the gym
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