Window Count Sheet Residential

Courtesy of Chris Cassidy / Clearview Window & Blind Cleaning

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here is my count sheet. Its modified for my use, and my pricing, but leaves alot to modify for your own use. This is the version i keep, then i fill out another form to give the prospective client.estimate.pdf (2.45 MB)

Window Count sheets are great for keeping track of details and making sure you’re billing correctly and not end up performing some tasks for nothing.

I have a question regarding the copy you give to the client. Do you put the calculations on it (price per pane etc.) or just and Ext price, Int price, + Extras price?

Mark, its more simple, i don’t put how i came to the price, i do however not hide it if the client wants to see how I attained that price, doesn’t happen to often.
here is the estimate sheet i leave with them.resestimate.pdf (2.45 MB)

I’ve never given them a per pane itemized copy like my count sheet. But I do have it if they are the skeptical type, questioning how I arrived at the total I did. In that case depending on whether or not there are a large number of windows, many floor levels, odd stuff, I will give them an average per side or per pane price. Yea I’ll give them total exterior or interior/exterior or whatever it might be.

The one I’v been using get’s real trashed by the time I’m done counting windows. It’s great for the slash counting method where every 5th count slashes through the other 4.

Your copy is really nice

If you have any ideas for my count sheet the would improve it play around with it and let me know.

Very nice Eric. I need to tweak my count sheet/ estimate sheet both for me and the client and I think you’ve got some good stuff there. (from which to steal from:D)

Mark, use what you want off it bro!

the only reason I wouldn’t make my personal copy so nice is cost of ink. I don’t need to impress myself.

Check Out my bidding program I uploaded today and tell me what you think! I made it from scratch because unger’s bid program just wouldn’t cut it for me. Its easily modifiable, and shows a matrix of subtotals. I like seeing as much data as I can in one place.