Window Counting App?

I have started carrying my iPad to jobs and use it at the end of my cleanings and schedule my clients on the spot for there next cleaning. It really makes it nice this way. I want to start using the iPad for quotes as well. Is there an app that can be used to count windows? and also add notes or other costs? Thanks

I do all my counting of windows on paper and then put the $ dollar amount in an estimate in Customer Factor.

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That’s how I do it now. Just wanted to use the iPad instead of a paper and pen. Trying to go totally paperless. Just want an app that can count the windows. Have maybe a picture of a window that I just hit a plus or minus per window. Something like that.

Too slow for me…Most of the time, if on site, I don’t even need the pen and paper.

Tally Pro is a free app that allows you to add different items to count I use it occasionally gives you a total of each type of window you assign and grand total but does not do any pricing. It will send a spreadsheet of the count orThe count.
Somewhere on this forum though there is a window cleaning counter that someone created that does some form of pricing as well

Hi Cinder,

There is an app I developed called Window Counter Pro it’s on both app stores.

I have never understood counting window apps then you have to go all over the place in the app back and forth top and bottom to find the window. Oh there’s four of these there’s one of these oh go back there’s another one oh go forward oh crap I can’t find this window. It’s much easier to count every pane the same and count a very large window as 2 or 3 and storms and French as their own thing and boom your done. I have a set pane price it’s simple and consistent. I couldn’t imagine going around and awarding a select price based on every window style. It’s much easier to count panes than to cruise around trying to find a picture with a slider on each side. I respectfully thing people overcomplicate things with there window counting

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you can still use a counting app for this if you choose just set up one pane type. i use a counting app called tallypro, i also use a mechanical counter. i only count panes for very large jobs.

I just take pics in the customer factor when I do bids in the evening then bid it from my phone after assessing it in person. App, paper, pictures, crm lots of ways to do it but not sure how anyone would need an app counter plus when taking pictures it’s a reminder on landscaping, how dirty, etc

do your pics work in tcf since 2019 mine have been disproportionate when uploaded from phone