Window Frame Oxidation and its Remedy

Hello All,

I recently completed a job on a larger French window job (502 panes). As soon as I started to clean, I knew I was screwed as each frame built up a cream-colored paste around EVERY… SINGLE… PANE…
It was 98 degrees out, but I quickly ruled out the frames melting from the heat and concluded that it was oxidation.

So, for those that deal with this as a matter of course due to your region’s environment, what do I do when I go back for their next cleaning? I was hoping WFP would fix my problems, but research - incomplete as it may be - told me that oxidation and WFP are not friends and should not be mixed.

I’m fine if your methods of dealing with it require a little special something. Short off stripping the “French pane” grid off of the window (yes, they were just glued on) and ultrasonically cleaning it, I’m open to suggestions.

Waterfed pole

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Never heard that before, why not?

I ran into this yesterday. They were terrible. If you use WFP on oxidized frames, do not bother with boars hair. I would just say skip wpf and trad em. I had to pretty much do that. The second the pure water touches the heavy oxidation it fouls your brush up. You end up just chasing your tail. Even detailing with a huck towel is a PITA when they are that bad.

It was 107F outside yesterday and it threw a wrench in my day. I also had to charge the client more because of the additional time it took to get the outsides acceptable by our standards…

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That’s what I did, minus the upcharge. I just Trad the whole thing and ran through my Xero towels like crazy.

Would you think running a cheap nylon brush over them would work to knock off the oxidation where they can be redone with a boar’s hair brush? I don’t have a WFP yet but I’m looking at my options for when I finally get my hands on one. My only additional concern with WFP with Oxi is the residual Oxi running down the wall under the window. That would be a nightmare…

What brush are you using on them? I’ve seen and heard that Boars Hair doesn’t do well with it. Kinda just smudges the Oxi around. Does Nylon work?

It apparently just smudges the Oxi around, but I’m inquiring whether certain brushes are good with Oxi.

Usually I don’t have a problem with this. It just takes a bit longer to scrub and rinse with the wfp.

If you have good water pressure then you should be fine, if not good luck doing it trad.

I had a similar sized job a while back that had 3rd story fixed french panes.

The water pressure was bad so I turned on / off the water flow with the univalve.

I would turn it off to let the water build then turn it on to clean for a few seconds and repeat.

Talk about a PITA job that I do not want to go back to.

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I use boars hair every day all day on everything, sometimes I’ll use the dual trim for my regular customers.

Xero boars hair with xero rinse bar and you’ve got zero worries…

Do them like this… it is an art and does take some learning, but waterfed is the best solution for oxidation on frames.

I also clean all exterior windows with a waterfed pole, for the last 10 years I’ve been virtually 100% waterfed on exterior windows (obviously some exceptions here and there depending on the fastest way to clean)

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I can confirm:

Thanks for recommending me this way back when I had no clue what wfp setup to get lol

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No problem man, I know a little bit about waterfed

I’m really surprised that all these guys making videos are still using pencil jets.
I haven’t had a rinse phase in over 2 years, get a rinse bar that works while on the glass.

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