Window Scratches and Squeegee Care

Hello All,

I am a newbie window cleaner who has done just a few storefronts. I am looking on some insight on proper squeegee care to make sure that i avoid scratches on the windows.

I am using an unger ninja and have just purchased a wagtail. For the unger i purchased new rubbers (Black Diamond). How often do i need to switch out the rubbers? Im not doing very many jobs at the moment so should i switch it out on a “x” amount of job basis?

Are there any Do’s or Donts regarding squeegee care that i need to know to ensure i dont scratch any windows…Its honestly my biggest fear at the current moment is scratching the windows.

Appreciate any feedback. I am actively trying to read through posts here to soak up all the knowledge but figured i would make a new thread to get some new input. Thanks!

If you drop your squeegee in the dirt, rinse off the dirt before putting it on the window.

If you hear screeching then your channel is upside down.

Change your rubber when you need it.

Don’t go psycho with a razor until you learn about fabrication debris.

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Yeah I’m also pretty new. Also my biggest fear when starting out was scratches. I haven’t actually done any work anywhere besides my own home. I have sort of gotten over this fear from just doing my own windows. As I was practicing my technique doing the same windows over and over again I slowly gained confidence. I’m not so worried about scratching the windows anymore. My recommendation would be to keep practicing and soon you’ll realize you don’t need to worry about it much anymore. Just keep an eye out for tinted glass and whatnot.

Also if you have a feeling for some reason that you will scratch the glass, just do a small corner of the window to make sure it doesn’t scratch. Better go scratch a little piece instead of the whole thing

Oh storefronts are usually scratched to crap so don’t worry about it.


i have some fast food places that have names scrached into the glass lol

That just makes the job even easier…

“No worries just be happy”

With the right equipment that scratchy can be lucrative…
Edit* equipment AND PRACTICE!

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Thats what first alarmed me is due to a storefront i was doing and noticed lots of scratches. I did not closely inspect prior to cleaning so it concerned me. I am sure it is common though for storefronts to have scratches like you guys mentioned. Just wanted to make sure there was nothing specific i needed to keep an eye out for or avoid doing.

Yeah, don’t worry about it. If you want to use a razor, spend some time on the forum searching for fabrication/fabricating debris.

If you want to do a construction clean, then search for “ccu” or “construction clean” or “I hate my life”


Checking for tint too. Those scratches are immediately your fault, can’t deny the tint wasn’t jacked up when you got there.


does the wool affect window tint?

fo you come across sticky window tint? had some that was kind of annoying

Hell yes it will. Never wool tint film. It’ll turn it foggy from scratches. That’ll be your bad for sure.


that was my assumption remembered this thread when i was cleaning some nasty windows today

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