Window screens

What do most of you use to clean screens ie; cleaning solution, brush towels ect.

Welcome.Tide with bleach alternative applied with a scrubber then rinsed and dried, or my new favorite a small power washer. If you search this topic within this site you will find many way to skin any cat.

IPC eagle screen washer

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Screen magic. Hands down fastest and best product for cleaning screens

Define “best”

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I agree!! However, in AZ we have a lot of sunscreens if I lived in an area were it was only bug screens I probably would just use my own version of the IPC washer.

a small powerwasher is fastest…when they are really dirty tide with bleach works great. Just don’t let the soap dry on the screens at all!

We run a soft bristle truck brush dipped in pure water over the nylon mesh, then tap the frame on a hard surface to knock off excess water, wipe down frames and they’re perfect.

Screens are by far the thing I hate cleaning the most when it comes to residential.

Get the IPC eagle screen cleaner, you won’t regret it

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It seems like very little of residential window cleaning is actually about cleaning the glass itself.

I don’t like don’t screens but it is a necessary evil. I use the same solution that I use to clean the windows with. Scrub both sides of the screens and then towel dry. That has been working so far.


Pristine Window Cleaning

Hey Todd, I was doing that too…but I found that you really need to rinse the screen after scrubbing.

I usually clean the interior windows and sills. I then scrub the screens outside and rinse them. I then do the outside windows. By this time, the screens are dry and I put them back in…good as new.