Window Sealing Butyl Removal

So we performed a CCU on a house which turned out great. The framers smeared some flashing material (Grace Vycor) on the frame. The client wanted the glass cleaned and was holding the framers accountable for the mess on the frame, so we didn’t touch it. I wanted to see how best to remove this material should we have to.

The window is an Anderson window with what appears to be a metal frame.

I was on a major construction site and had to deal with this on anodized aluminum frames. I was given plastic blades for my safety scraper and they did okay to take off the bulk. I used a magic eraser to get the rest. I hope someone has a better suggestion, because that was a slow process. But it did work without damaging the frames.

Need to be careful with those plastic blades though. If you use them on anything gritty, debris gets stuck in them and turns them into dedicated glass scratching tools.

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Thanks! We don’t have plastic knives but perhaps we should. Which ones did you use?

Didn’t see the project on WCR. I don’t know if this is the exact product we used, but something very much like them:

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butyl comes off beautifully with turpentine. as mentioned use a plastic scraper for the heavy stuff then a turpentine saturated cloth.

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