Window Tint & Film

Hey team, just starting out here going door to door residential and am super pumped. Have a zero machine and have improved my squeeze technique to the basics at least.

I am concerned with window wint, film, etc… how do I know if it is tinted becuase I am assuming home owners won’t. This came to my mind with. I bought a walnut pad and realized it would scratch it… live in DFW, TX and am wondering how much I should be concerned as it seems like it could be a hugely consult mistake. Should I be concerned with a regular hybrid head brush with nylon and boars head? What about a walnut pad??


It is very unusual to find tinting film on the exterior of the glass. In 25 years I have only come accross it once on a commercial building. When tint is added to the interior glass surface you can usually tell by a very very tiny space between tint and frame. You can also tell by how dark it is in the house.

Thanks Matthew!