Window Tint/Film

so today I landed a nice size contract with a private school to tint all the front windows. I really have no idea on how to tint a window.
A while back I called Llumar window films and they gave me a sample pack of different film which I quickly studied and presented to the clients that asked me.
I found a small window tinting business and subcontracted it out to them. What a sweet learning and educational experience I had to today. I had them sign non-disclosure forms and service and liability forms, which I downloaded from and modified alittle.

This was a pretty fun day. Went to the private school and they signed on, put a deposit and now we’re rolling next week!!! So excited!!!

I learned to never so “no” about a service you don’t currently do unless it’s a big pain, why? because today I got paid to match people. that’s it. The school came to me with a need and I came back with the answer, and got paid for zero physical activity :slight_smile:

maybe later I’ll do window film myself.
Does anyone here do any window film???

Just an update on the Window tint job.

It went good. I was a little nervous during the whole thing because I have never subcontracted anything before. I would definitely suggest adding this as a side service. People ask me all the time and now I’ll just Sub it out and not go through the time and learning pain. I talked it over with the window tint business owner and he has no problem being a Sub for me, as long as he gets paid.

Congrats… being the middle man is one of my favorite ways of making $ in the Window Cleaning Biz.

Well done Matt.

When I’m doing sub work 90% of the time we don’t wear our uniforms and remove truck signage and stuff. How these guys did it for you ? To me is always better that YOUR customer doesn’t see you as the middle-man because they will start thinking that they’re paying “extra” (your share).

Would you mind showing those documents ? I’d like to take a look at the non-disclosure one.

thanks in advance and well done again