Window Tint Removal Amonia Questions

I am doing a window tint removal job this weekend for the first time. After doing some research I am going to use the amonia with plastic method. I informed the customer that the odor will be strong and that I will need to do it when no customers are present. They asked if the odor will stick around. So my question is how long will the odor last? I am doing it on a Saturday morning. Will it stay for days, or does it go away pretty quickly. Thanks.

You might want to try oil flow (available at WCR) or de-solv-it (available at Walmart & Ace Hardware) instead.

You can use the same method - sealing it in with plastic, but with much less noxious fumes.

Ammonia and cover with trash bag has worked for me. Make sure you tarp. Sometimes if you add ammonia to your WC Water and heavy soak it with an applicator, you can get a corner and pull it off. Depends on the quality of the tint. Good Luck

I’ve done it with ammonia as well, and it worked. Get yourself one of those ^^^^^^^^

Thanks for the tips guys. What about the smell. How long should I expect the odor to stick around?

I’ve never had a problem with smell. Areas have been well ventilated and once you wash the window it helps a ton

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I just wanted to say thanks again for the tips. I completed my first tint removal job and was very happy with the results. I used the ammonia method with bags over the windows. I let it set for about an hour while I cleaned the exterior windows. The tint pealed right off and the little bit of glue that was left was easily scraped off with a razor. Not sure if I would do it again, but if I did this would be the method for me. As for the odor it was gone by the time I left. Customer showed up and was very pleased. I posted a picture of the end results, although DUH I forgot to take a picture before starting. Thanks All.

I never herd of the bags over the window trick . Can you explain how you did it ? How did you get the bags to stay in the glass ?

Thanks, Mike

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painter’s tape ?

So he is wetting it in with ammonia then bagging it let it dwell , an this helps wow interesting .

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The plastic just sticks to the ammonia on the glass without tape or anything, right?

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I’ve read about in older threads and I’m pretty sure it stays on with the wetness, I think the main purpose is to prevent evaporation.

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Yes that is correct, it helps to prevent the evaporation. Basically what I did was spray ammonia on the tint. I then took black plastic garbage bags that I cut so that it would open into a large piece of plastic, of course you could also buy a roll of plastic. I stuck the bags to the glass using the ammonia to hold them in place. The window was wider than the bags so some painters tape was used to help hold together. I also used some tape at the top of the plastic and taped to the window frame where needed. I let the plastic sit on the windows for about an hour. After removing the plastic on each window I would use a razor to get the tint off, starting with a corner, and then pulling off the tint in one large piece. Once the tint was removed I had very minimal glue still on the glass. I wetted the glass down with my mop and scraped off one final time and the results were very good. As an experiment I left one small window without the ammonia. I was able to pull the tint off however there was more resistance and a good amount of glue was left. It may vary depending on the quality of tint. Overall I had a good experience.

Very interesting! I will try this technique next tint job . I would probually remove the top later (tint) first then spray with ammonia . I bet this will work good with paint removal also .

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Using a bag is a pretty cool technique. Definitely have to remember that. I had one tint job that was a nightmare. I sprayed ammonia but didn’t let it sit very long. Then used a razor. I really didn’t know what I was doing. It peeled off in small slivers. It was an old mirror tint too which resulted in a lot of silvery glitter like dust all over me and everything else.
How much would you charge per pane?

Careful with the black bags on thin insulated units. The heat generated from direct sunlight can break the inside pane.

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Tint removal all depends on quality of film and type of adhesive. Pressure sensitive adhesive is primarily used for automotive and security films and is easier to remove. Dry adhesive is more common with flat glass solar control films and when fully cured bonds itself the the glass. Dry adhesive is more difficult to remove but easier to install.

I have spent the last week installing 1000 square feet of 8 mil security film. 8 mil will make a man out of ya fast.

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Ok this thread just got wierder . My price will remain the same $1000.00 per plate . If they want to do it themselves I’ll let them borrow my blade $100.00 for that it comes with blades though :slight_smile: .

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