Window tint removal and replacement

Any one offering this type of service?

not me, but I’d like to know someone also. Good post

It’s an add-on service for us, but it’s just to remove the tint. We refer a guy to put new tint on. The process as follows, we have a pump sprayer with ammonia(some water) which applies to the tint. We normally spray 2 or 3 windows ahead so it has time to build into it, you can also use newspaper after you spray so it will sit in the tint verse running down. I have found that it’s easier removing tint from a downward angle scrapping position, to much elbow grease for upward.

I use a portable steamer. comes off like butter.

Yea I’ve used those it works good, they only wanted 6 windows so each window only took 5 mins

Window cleaning is an add on service for my company. Commercial window films is what I do full time… much better money in film installation… but window cleaning is more fun… :stuck_out_tongue: actually just now offering window cleaning…

I love window cleaning. It costs almost as much for me to remove tint as it costs for you to install it.

I was a glazier for 18 years working for my uncles glass company. My specialty was window tint. I fell into window cleaning while tinting peoples homes. Started my company. When I became tooibusy for full time employment I quit the day job. They offered to sell me the window tint part of there glass company. I agreed. Now my company specializes in window film. window cleaning is an add on for me. I do about 50 50 depending on time of year. I like tinting better and have far more experience with it. but still enjoy cleaning.

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You do screen repair/rebuilds to right?


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I do tint removal. I got to finish a job on Monday. My customer had two layers of tint on her windows. The first layer went off easy. The 2nd is taking forever. It’s really old. It flakes off into small pieces when trying to remove with a steamer. Anyone know of a different way to go about it???

Yeah. On the next one, don’t pull the first layer all off. Keep all of it together. When heated properly, all layers will come off at once. Start in a corner, heat it up, scrape entire corner removing both layers with a new blade. reheat both corners of tint, get the corner peeled til you can grab it, heat, and pull slowly.

And remember pull from the glue side so both layers come off together.

film is made in more than one layer. some has 2 layer some 3…Another issue is what type of glue. some is a PS or pressure sensitive and some are a CDF or dry adhesive. PS is sticky like tape, adheres more quickly and generally dries faster, this is the film installed on automotive. CDF is tacky and is used more for rezi and comercial, Although some comercial films use a PS adhesive such as White Matte and Blackout ect. CDF is designed so that when working with large pieces and the film touches together it does not get ruined. PS films are designed more to be shrunk and fit on cars. PS is usually easier to remove after cured. CDF can be difficult to remove although it has a longer cure time, after curing it sticks really well. This is my experience opinions vary.

best way to remove film is to get water to the glue. one way is steam. one way is spraying water on film and bagging it. Another less popular idea…if the film is acting like you say “not peeling clean” you can install a new layer of cheap film over the top of the old crusty stuff then let it set in the sun for a while then peel. this should soften the glue under the old film. Either way make sure to get all the layers on the first peel.
anyone interested in film can search the tintdude forum. I am also a regular forum user there. The Window Tinting Resource

Ammonia and soap water works really well too. it must have time to soak. I will be posting video in the near future of this method of film removal. After i slow down.

a quick search of tintdude…
How to Remove Window Tint - Page 1

If you can tint windows, you can certainly clean them… Or maybe I should say if you CAN’T clean windows, you should NEVER tint them… They go hand-in-hand in a way am I right? Lol

Have upcoming outside tint removal of two on residential windows, will post pics …

This works great when you are “bagging it” as you say.