Window tint removal suggestions?

Recently acquired a tint removal job. Seems the stuff is three-layered: the actual tint film which comes off super easy, a thin clear layer behind that, and then evil thick glue. We started doing what most people suggested on youtube: heat with a heat gun and peel slooooowly. (This worked well)

But we still have other sections where all that’s left is glue. And this stuff is tough (requires a LOT of scraping with a razor blade.) Any suggestions on how to get it off? Goo-Gone and Oil-Flo haven’t done anything, and I didn’t want to use acid inside a building.


Ammonia works great
Get a squirt bottle 50/50 water to ammonia
Make sure you have ventilation and try to do it when nobody is there because the smell is rough but it’ll come right off spray it on let it sit for a minute then it will scrape right off


Agree with Charley above. I have not done this often (maybe 5 times in 15 years) but the ammonia method worked wonders. Soak it down, let it soak in, the more the better. Smell is terrible, but results are good.

Not something i like to do, if I had better tools for said job it would be different. Heat gun and some other methods are more efficient, ask a car tint specialist they will give you some great pointers.

Rubbing alcohol breaks down the glue residue

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To prevent rapid evaporation cover wet glass with newspapers. Some guys say plastic trash bags.Let it soak for fifteen minutes or longer if needed. Scrapes off even better. :sunglasses:

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Pain in the ass dont do it. Why do hard jobs.

I have done it couple times over 10 years, used denatured alcohol in a spray bottle, NEW 5" blade and went through lots of steelwool too ( after blading for final scrubbing).

i didn’t even expected to see so many suggestions. thanks for everything. will try them one by one until receive the desired results. thanks again

BostonMike is right, that does work!

I just did a window tint removal job for a customer at one of his rentals yesterday. A Florida room with about 7 sets of those “openable” crank windows (so 3 windows a set)-- I used lots of dawn soap, mixed in with ammonia that I applied directly onto the tint. I use my triumph 6 inch razer to take it off-- the residue can be taken off with ammonia— what REALLY helped me was a Mr. Clean Magic eraser to get the little sticky parts off. My little tiny double edged razer to get all the corners…and the windows looked like new— However I had a huge pile (I mean huge) of tint debris. I don’t do this often, but it is no big deal — just time consuming.

A HEAT GUN is the route I would go if I invested money into taking this off.