Window Tint Removal

What are you guys getting per sq. ft. foot for window tint removal? I have a pretty good size job that needs this done.

Im thinking $1 per sq. ft. would be fair…

It can take forever and be real hard to get off. Whatever you want to charge them double it

I have a friend that tints cars and they charge double for a R&R, so like a Honda civic would go from $120 for normal to $240 for remove and replace.

Off the top of my head, the window I am looking at is 4x4, I would wash it for $10.50, $16 for tint removal seems on the low side (especially if it shreds), figure that Honda civic is basically $30 for a driver door which is half the size.

I did a tint removal job once on 170sqf of glass. I charged $300 for it and got it.

I have 18 sf for $150 coming up

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If it is not tempered glass I would suggest avoiding the job, especially if you plan to use a fabric steamer! We got 1000.00 for removal on 14 panes and it took all day! Some of the tint came off in powder, some came off in sheets, even the tint that came off in sheets left glue behind. It is like construction cleanup times three if the tint has been there a long time.

There were a couple micro cracks on the windows that the steamer turned into long cracks and we ended up paying $500.00 to replace three panes, two non tempered and one tempered to comply with building code of needing tempered glass on a window less than 18 inches from the floor. End result after paying my employees was $300.00. The good part we bid on a 50 unit pressure washing job for her and got it:)

And make sure it’s regular solar tint and not security tint. If it’s security tint charge 4X. That stuff is no fun to take off.