Well, after much careful thought, and a couple of months of hard work, I am proud to say that I have a launched a BRAND NEW website focused entirely on how to help Small Window Cleaning Business Owners achieve substantial business growth as fast as possible.

Pure Window Cleaning Business advice only.

It’s loaded with lots of free video coaching strategies, and currently has almost 20 separate posts in 2 major categories.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Hope it can help some of the newer guys on here, and maybe even some of the older ones too!

Thanks! (filler, due forum rule requiring 10 characters per post.)

Wow !! this site is sick. I highly recommend everyone checking this out… Good stuff.

I was your first subscriber! #1

Yes…its a ROCKIN site Kevin! Good lookin out;)

Thanks, gentlemen. Hope it helps.

ahh, I love to see you take the bull by the horns

Thx. “Nothing happens until something moves”, right?

I seem to have offended some, since somehow this thread has acquired a “thumbs-down” rating!

Oh well, can’t win 'em all, right?

No one down thumbed you down… its an icon you can choose when posting its right down by the smiley faces… you may be able to edit it away.


I feel dumb. Thx.

Paneless, is this similar to those Don the window cleaners videos?

As a matter of fact Don mentioned Mr Paneless in his last post…

paneless site will probably be a huge success. There is really good info up there already.

Wow. Thanks Don! (And you too, Chris!)

Whether or not the 2 sites are basically similar is a subjective question, based on what you’re looking for in terms of advice…but very quickly, here are a couple of major differences, as I see them:


1. I happen to disagree with a lot of what Don recommends as far as how to generate more business, and you may have noticed some of these differences, already in my posts.

2. I focus on business-building strategies only, not the technical side of window cleaning (what kind of squeegees to use, which pole is quicker, what methods are best for certain situations, etc), because the website has been specifically geared 100% toward the small window cleaning business owner who already knows how to do an excellent job cleaning windows, but who needs some help getting some business, or getting MORE business, as fast as possible.[/INDENT]

Good question, though, Superior.

A lot of Don’s advice is good. He’s made some nice comments on my videos, too, so hey, how could I say anything bad!

Being the best window cleaner in town will do very little to get you a truckload of new business. Understanding the most effective way to ‘get your message out’, and how to implement intelligent business building strategies for your target market, however, will result in “exploding” your window cleaning business client base incredibly quickly.

I’m building the very first issue of [B]“The Secrets to Explosive Window Cleaning Business Success”[/B] dossier as we speak. It’ll be a monthly marketing cheat-sheet and short-cut-inspiring resource for the little window cleaning guy trying to get some real traction and cover some business-building ground. Basically, it’ll be like having an on-staff marketing director who will meet with you every month, and give you solid, actionable, provable suggestions on how to get some more cash into the coffers, and more quickly than you’re doing so now!

I’ve recently decided that I’ll be sending every member of this forum who wants one, a complimentary, no-strings-attached copy of the very first issue, so it’ll show up in your mailbox for you to devour FREE of charge sometime in Feb 2008, if all goes as planned…

Hi Kevin,
just spent some of my afternoon going through your website. At first I thought you look a little young to be coaching. But as I went through each topic I was amazed at your insight. If I was operating in the States I would probably take you up on the offer, however different countries, different markets.
Great website, great insight & if there was a betting booth for anyone that would truly make it - I’d bet on you.
Don’s got nothing on ya!


Thx KarlosDaze. I appreciate it…and thanks for thinking “I look a little young”…I’m [I]definitely [/I]gonna share that one with my wife…

What kind of things would you say are [I]that different[/I] with your market in the UK?

I’m in Spain.
Here no one responds to ad’s, its all about referrals & who you know. Forget leaflets, advertising & the fact that most businesses only stay afloat for a couple of years. Infact most marketing material in magazines is purely sent back to the people that advertise in the first place. i.e. they pay to advertise, then the magazines get sent to their offices to be picked up by the general public (what a con).
I live on an island with approx 500,000 people of which 250,000 are holiday homes for 5 months of the year. Most of these homes are apartments! The population increases to around 15 million in peak season which is currently shrinking to around 5 months a year. What I am trying to say is that although the season is short I still have to try to hold on to a workable client base even when the most commercial outlets close out of season.
Hope that makes sense!


That’s very interesting. (Sorry I missed the obvious “Mallorca, Spain” in the top right of your posts…my mistake…)

Have you found out about the ineffective nature of flyers and leaflets through trial and error? Poor response rates, historically?

What would you tell someone who was trying to break into the Mallorca residential window cleaning market? How would they be able to do that with any success? Door to door?

Flyers & leaflets don’t really work. I’d probably say feedback was 1 in 1000 response from experience. I have a freind on the mainland who put out 4000 with no call backs.

I would tell the prospective window cleaner to bring lots of money to handle the low months or have another trade. I would say give 3 years to see some kind of break through. I would also advise to go for high end unless you want to work for peanuts in direct relation to maids who are hired to window cleaning tasks & have an ability & knowledge to clean difficult access windows. Door to door talking is not possible unless you head for the apartment market as most aren’t in or only answer there door through pre-arranged meetings.


Sounds like a tough nut to crack. I wish I had more time: I’d love to make this a personal challenge, and see what we can do for you to get some more business!

Oh well…can’t do everything…