Windows with NONREMOVRABLE screens

I have a client who wants thier windows cleaned. 6 of the windows have NON removable screens. Any suggestions on a way to clean those six windows?

We dealt with this on an ocean front condo. The complex had some windows with fixed hurricane screens. We explained to them we could rinse through the screens with our wfp but that they would not turn out great. They agreed seeing how that was the only option and they ended up coming out good.

Thanks Sunco. I will Try it this weekend!!

Is the screen spline facing outward so that you can pull the spline and screen mesh out, clean the window and then rescreen? This would work real well if the screens are looking a little old and worn and need to be redone anyways. Of coarse screening in place is an art and can be difficult if you have not done it before. I would not suggest this if you are dealing with metal mesh.

Will the windows tilt in?

Most windows can be taken apart from the inside and you can dry brush the screens in place. Then just clean the outside surface of the sash you lifted out while you are inside.

…A friend of mine who lives in Australia said he was training with a guy there
to do re-screening and doing them is place is how it’s done there. I was amazed,
though I suppose they would stay nice and square.

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]What sort of windows are we talking about?[/SIZE][/FONT]

I am all about rescreening in place if the frame is fully supported by window frame. In this case if you can do that it sounds like the best option.

Rescreening can get a little tricky when you’re doing it in-frame

If the screen can touch the glass you can clean it well

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