Windows with vinyl, and forward sloped windows?

I’m a newbie, what’s best form to not damage vinyl lettering?

Also if there’s a sloped window that on the inside is over your head, what’s a good way to prevent drips? Or is that an outside only type thing?

Vinyl lettering should be fine. Even when it’s old and cracked, the worst that can happen is the lettering smears under your squeegee causing additional detailing with a towel.

Sloped windows? I’m assuming that it’s a storefront? Storefronts usually don’t matter. Just use a towel to mop up after yourself. If it’s a house, get some moving blankets or something to put under you. Pad squeegees like the wagtail will help as well.

Thanks for the reply! I mean sloped so you’re underneath it. A better example is how do you clean a skylight from the inside if it’s a window?