Winter EDDM mailing

I’m wanting to do a winter EDDM mailing as winters are slow.
What would you say is a reasonable offer that is attractive yet not too much.

What region are you in and what service are you hoping to push?

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I’m in Prescott Arizona. Our weather allows us to work all year, and winter is generally slow.
All we do is residential window cleaning.

Maybe try a 20 window special.

Not sure how that market goes but I would assume many will be leaving and returning to their summer home

I just put 3500 pieces in the mail today to areas with smaller homes with a 10 window special. I haven’t done eddm in over 10 years. Haven’t needed to at all. And I hate giving discounts. But I guess getting 85% of what it’s worth is better than 0%. .Most of that time I have worked solo and have been fine with whatever comes through the winter. Now I have an employee (my son-in-law) and cannot expect him to “go with the flow” of a slow winter, so I try to make work for him.

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