Winter Gloves (best)

It was about 40 degrees this morning here. Almost time to order winter gloves. In the past we have used Seal Skinz, and Unger neoprene ones. I am thinking of trying out a new pair this year. Does anyone recommend a certain brand?

Im no expert on the glove topic but I will tell you this. I buy my neoprene gloves at Walmart. Yeah , thats right Wally World. If you go into the hunting/fishing dept, they have racks of them. Neoprene gloves made by Stearns. They are pretty decent quality. I usually go through 2 pairs a season. Make sure that you get them fast. Usually they will be all gone within a few weeks around this time due to hunting season. $9.00 -12.00 a pair.


I use the Glacier Glove but I have a team member that uses the hunting gloves like Steve suggested and he likes them just fine.

PS Chris and Steve, do you buy your employees winter gloves or do you make them buy them?

“Save a deer – buy neoprene gloves at Wal-Mart.”

Cool Im gonna hit Walmart today and check those out.

Steve I buy the first pair every November. As they are passed I remind them that this is the only pair [B]Im[/B] issuing out… and its gonna be a long cold winter. Inevitably many lose there pairs in the first week. On the flip side a few still have there pair from a few years ago.

get Eskimo mitts or gloves by Kidd. They’re icefishing mitts. They’re terrific. Only about 17 Canadian, probably less in the States. Buy them at a hunting/fishing store.

Are they actual mittens?

I have about 2 dozen pairs in a storage locker at the shop. I do give them to my guys when the weather has set in. I wont be buying gloves for them in the future. They just dont really give a crap if they lose them or abuse them. Caught one of my guys using them to work on his car last winter in our lot. Grease and window cleaning dont mix. I will tell them where to get them and it will be up to them to provide for themselves in the future. Sometimes they can be worse than my kids about wasting my money:rolleyes:


They have a black rough exterior and a liner inside, if you know what i mean.

Chris may have meant as opposed to fingered gloves.

Well one make are gloves. They have fingered holes I believe. And the other is mitts. I prefer using the mitts because it keeps my fingers together and thus keeps my hands warmer.

I just bought a pair of Seirus All Weather gloves. They’re light weight so I can keep a higher level of dexterity. They say waterproof but I’m trying my hardest this year to keep from putting my hands in the bucket. I figure the easiest way to keep your hands warm is to keep your hands out of below zero fluids.:smiley:

If putting your hands in the bucket even with gloves on makes your hands cold, then you have the wrong gloves. I don’t feel a think with my ice fishing mitts. It is waterproof, and I don’t feel cold when I put my hands in my water with my mitts on.

Those are good gloves then. If I put my hands in the water then I have wet gloves that make my towels wet unnecessarily.

Yeah, where I live I can’t imagine putting my hands in -10 degree celcius (23 Fahrenheit) water.

Not to mention that when you add things like methanol (methyl hydrate) to your water you actually make it possible for the water to be below freezing and still liquid. Imagine putting your hand in water that’s even lower than 23F. BRRR:eek:

the gloves i have to wera way up here are bulky as sin, but they are good…i wear the alaskan ice gloves once it gets cold enough, but i do have days that my fingers still get very cold…mikep where you get your gloves? does crappy tire carry them? i’ll have to take a look i guess.
this time of year when its not too cold yet i use neoprene gloves

I get my mitts at an hunting/fishing store called LeBaron. As I said before wearing mitts is my preference cause it keeps my hands warmer.

Ive checked Walmart for these every couple of days… they keep saying they haven’t arrived yet. :frowning:

My WM didn’t have any either…[/COLOR]