Winter is Over

Just sayin

Maybe in SC! Low 20’s today- Thursday, upper teens Friday for highs here.

I wish but there is no Spring is site for us.

Spring is a myth

It’s 23º right now… and it feels like Summer compared to how things have been.

It really is [B]sickening[/B] what ya get used to.

we just had another snow fall last night and more to come this weekend and mid next week.

63 degrees here today, but we are going to get hit with some much needed rain starting tomorrow afternoon. I actually had to turn on the air conditioning in the truck when we were driving in the sun.

Alex please do something about the weather before I get up there next week. We just got back to sunny and 70.

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We’ve been on a roller coaster. 70’s, then 20’s, then 60’s, then 30’s. Yesterday was in the 30’s, today 40’s, Friday, 50’s, Saturday 60’s, then back down to the teens and snowing to start the week. It’s a good thing I’m still under house arrest. Otherwise, I would be pulling out what little hair I have left. Hopefully it’ll straighten out once I get cleared to go back to work.

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February 27th, I just went out for coffee and its 17 degrees. 18 inches of snow predicted for Sunday-Tuesday. All said and done after a very early start to the freeze this year, our slow season should be about 4.5 months long.

On the other hand, April is almost booked out. 1 email blast and a hundred phone calls should set me up through June.

Now… just one 70 degree-and-sunny day to start that up and I’ll be fine.

How much snow do you have now? Wonder how long it will take for that to all melt. I can’t imagine.

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We had a few days in the 50s last week, and a bit of rain, so that helped a bit of the flat snow melt (rooves, lawns, etc) but the mountains are still up high. At one point the pile of snow at the end of my driveway was over my head lol.

Its sunny and -4 here right now with a low of -12 tonight…windchill last night when I left work at 2am was -40.:wink:

What drugs do you have to take to go out in that weather at that time. Let me know, Cause all I would need is half the dosage. Just got home from work an the closet I’m getting to spring is the baseball game that’s on now.

I’ve been using the Zippo Flameless Hand Warmer this week and it’s really helped. It’s sometimes so hot I can only hold it a few seconds. It stays hot literally the entire day.


Not here!!!

I would need a Zippo flameless body suit to work in your area .

Lol, nice! I’ve been training a helper the past few weeks and by watching him freeze half to death I’ve realized how used to he cold I am.

Joshua Adriance
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That should be on video . Training someone in below zero weather . You must have some patience. I could never do it. If he makes it through boot camp he will be some navy seal .