Winter is upon us.. how do you clean gutters?

Winter came a little early in Canada. White stuff is flying about in the air. How do you guys clean gutters when the debris is frozen? I’ve read hot water works but is there anything else? We primarily use a skyvac to clean gutters… also at what point in the winter do you call it quits for the season?

Love to hear your input!!

i am in winnipeg everyone i know of who does gutter clean out here is either shutdown or stupid :crazy_face:


Yeah Ontario isn’t as bad as Winnipeg lol

Sadly we just tell the customer they have to wait until it consistently hits 40+ degrees.

Don’t make my mistake by using a flathead and trying to pry out icy chunks…It’ll put a hole in the gutter pretty easy lol.

When the ski slopes have loads of powder!

Im interested as well but honestly, most homes here don’t have gutters.

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Prying frozen junk out of gutters, on a ladder doesn’t sound smart. More risk than it’s worth.

But, I don’t even do gutters with a ladder in the warm months. Extension pole with gutter tool on my pressure washer is the only way I do it. A house that takes a ladder guy 2 hours, I can do in 30 minutes.

Do you then have to go around and clean the debris off the lawn? That can take some time if there’s a lot. Also, if it’s wet it can be impossible to completely clean up even with a blower.
I hate pulling up to a house to do a gutter cleaning and seeing the landscape crew loading up after making the lawn pristine.

I rinse everything off, doesnt take long. In my experience, the stuff in gutters is basically compost. Rinse the walkways into garden beds or grass. If there are leaves, I just blow them into the street. Once you start rinsing everything with the pressure washer, it disappears quickly, and only takes a few minutes.

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