Winter storage for WFP hose?

They can cut it an put new connections on if it’s in the right spot an worth it.
Mine was everywhere lol. An very noticeable.
If you have a shop around you that does that type of thing , or if you learn how to do it yourself. Just for future reference.
Ya at least it wasn’t new hose though

I didn’t think of PW hose - - WFP hose will stretch & be OK,… but I still would have expected hose that can withstand 4500psi to be ok with freezing, so thanks for the warning!


Yeah, I actually did make a 10’ whip out of an undamaged section, using one of the repair fittings.

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almost any hose can handle freezing itself, the problem is the intense pressure from water inside the hose freezing.

Yeah, freezing water generates a lot more PSI than that :scream:

Amazing stuff, water is

Thanks for all the advice. I have my last house of the season to do tomorrow, and its been snowing for almost 48 hours here already. Should be done by the time my job rolls around though. Its my first job in the snow, and I am not looking forward to it. I am hoping to use the WFP, if I can. We’ll see how it goes.

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Footing on ice is tricky, don’t rush anything.

Although I am in Alaska I have the luxury of living in a coastal climate that has frequent melting periods. If I’m concerned with footing (most of my jobs are on grades) I can postpone and wait for warmer weather.

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yes consider doing the front door traditional to avoid a skating rink on the door step.
make sure your waste water is going to a grass or stone area not concrete.

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Kinda looks like a T-bar condom