Winter Window Cleaning Gloves

Keep your eyes open in the coming days and weeks for new winter window cleaning gloves.

We want to offer everyone a larger variety of hand-wear this season.

You can find our gloves HERE in the days and weeks to come.


Curious to know why there are no medium sized gloves?

Especially you Alex.

“[B]Window Cleaning[/B] Its actually not that thick, Alex has tiny little hands…”

Seth there will be a lot of sizes small - XXL – We are working on getting them built into the site this week.

To go along with winter gloves I highly recommend socks from Filson’s. Get the knee high heavy weight and you’ll be a happy person in the cold.

Sadly, they discontinued the old style, but the new style is better than any other sock I’ve found. Well worth the $40/pair.

Neoprene is your friend on cold days

That depends on where you live!:slight_smile:
Once you’re in the mid-20’s it’s your well-wisher, seeking some liners.

Mrs Squeegee and I were just saying today we need to get new gloves.

so what do you guys recommend for those day’s where it’s in the low 20’s? what kind of gloves do you wear?

The most important thing is to warm the blood flowing into your hands. We use HotHands hand warming packs. Tuck them in the wrist band of your glove over the veins and it keeps you hands much warmer. Take them out occasionally and expose them to the air to increase their effectiveness.

What? I always thought it was Johnny Walker Gold Label!:cool:

Winter? What’s that? We’re back at 100° this week…

I use synthetic Mountain Gear liners inside neoprene gloves for below 30° temps.

My tips for neoprene gloves are whenever you take the gloves off tuck them inside your clothes, I put mine under my sweatshirt but not my longsleeve. It keeps them closer to body temp and you will notice the difference when you put them back on. If it gets cold enough to wear liners it may be worth it to get a size bigger than you normally might. I find with neoprene gloves that if they are too tight, they cause you hands to cramp up much faster.