Woke up this morning to this temperature!

Hey, yesterday was pretty cold it was -26C with a windchill of -34C…brrrrr… this morning i managed to take a pic of my thermometer at near the same spot…thank goodness there isn’t much for wind! This global warming is really interesting, since this temperature is the “normal” temperature for January here in the north, but starting tomorrow there is a warming trend now that is gonna push the temp up to +11C for next week!!! One week im cleaning windows in a parka and snow pants the next week ill be out in my shorts!

Yeah…it’s 8F (-13C) with a -10F windchill here this morning. Winters are brutal.

Yeah it was -20C (-4 Fahrenheit) this morning here too. But yesterday felt colder than today, it was far windier yesterday.

The interesting thing about global warming is that even in traditionally cold winters we get unusual spurts of warm weather.

It isn’t unusual to get a warming trend, but to climb to 12 degrees is record breaking I believe. Something like 4 or 5 degrees celcius would be normal.

I had to do some high ladder work on a house at 5 degrees and a brisk wind…

I would put that as one of the worst window cleaning moments I ever experienced. The other moment in contention would be when I stepped on a used Kotex in my socks…

How did it get in your socks?

I don’t think it was in his socks. I think it was on the ground at a clients home and he steped on it without shoes on.

you got it

I am still meeting with shrink over the ordeal.

My attempt at humor, though with the writer’s strike I’m having difficulty writing my own material.

I actually decided to come in and work today (Saturday) since temps were above freezing! Usually [B]do not[/B] work weekends, but if I can get temps that nice I will get to work on some outsides and save the insides for Monday when it will return back below the freezing point.

No freezing temps today Superior (thankfully)

55 Degrees here today… 65 tomm

Currently 54 degrees, this morning it was 48 degrees. It was nice, no jacket to wear today, just a sweater. I didn’t have to wear my waterproof icefishing mitts.

Tommorow going up to 54 Degrees (12 Celcius). Then Wednesday afternoon in Cuba 78 beautiful degrees. Where I’ll be for a week :slight_smile:

Say hi to Fidel for me!

lol feels like spring. I have not had all the windows open in my house since Nov. My dogs have no idea what is going on. Freaking weather is just nuts man, totally nuts. How in the world do we get a spring day in the middle of winter. I bet some would say the government is controlling the weather, making nice days so people will go out without a jacket, catch a cold and then have to buy meds from the drug companies who will fill the politicians pockets for greenbacks lol. But that’s on another forum lol.

Severe winter storm here last Thursday and Friday – we’ve been without electrical service since (Pacific Gas & Electric [PG&E] ETA is tonight at midnight for us; Thursday for my in-laws.)

LOTS of downed big trees all over the community. Delays in bringing back power due PG&E needed transformers, etc. to assist in the Southern California fire recovery a little while back, and had moved/used them there.

Stores county-wide are out of batteries, candles, propane, etc. I was stocked at home, and we have two kerosene heaters and a wood fireplace, though it’s been cold (30’s.)

Working through it…

Wow its 6am, and I’m waking up to -24 degrees Celsius weather…add a bit of wind in there and it will feel more like -30C, should be a good day to pick up a few storefront clients when the other guy neglects them because of the cold. Just checked the temp where my folks live a couple hours north of me, and its -31C with a windchill of -43C…nice!
looks like I’ll be cleaning windows today with almost straight wwf and a dab of soap.

Last couple days we have had -28 Celsius temps including the windchill. Today, upto 20 more cms of snow coming in addition to the 30 cms of snow and ice on the ground.

Still been going out there cleaning the storefronts though.

Build that new business Mike!

Thanks Brennon

I’ve been working on my website. And I just ordered some business cards & a shirt with design help from my wife. Aren’t they great?

Hey Mike, i was thinking of you Kevin and Mark yesterday in the -27C windchill…here it was -34C windchill, and today is still -30C windchill…needless to say, there wasn’t many people out walking yesterday or today for that matter !!
The weather is so up and down lately its crazy!