Women In The Window Cleaning Industry: WCBO Issue #5 available now!

A Women In The Window Cleaning Industry with Sherry Martin “Research from companies with “Daughter” in the name has increased by a third over the last four years. *It seems that women are good for business, and folks just don’t wish to see guys with their pants half down and their back side showing, not […]


My WCBO mag came in the mail today…

OK I’m going to have a discussion w/ my post office. I know Iowa comes before Idaho on the way from Jersey!

You wanted a copy?

I hoped to get one. :frowning:

Oh Im just teasing :wink:

Your copy def went out… Sent you out a whole box actually for the picnic. That should be there today by UPS… (Your normal contributor copy went out last Friday)

Sweet. I’m sure they will be a big hit at the event!

Looking forward to mine too. Sounds like it’s gonna be filled with a ton of cool stuff.

It ALWAYS filled with a ton of cool stuff!!

Looking forward to getting mine.