Broke my first window today, was only small though. Had the screen sitting awkwardly on the ledge while lifting the window out to clean the track. Wind was howling through the building and pushed the screen into my face which made me drop the damn thing. The window cracked in its frame when it hit the floor but didn’t shatter. Wew! It happened in the bathroom with the tub right under me and the brand new shower screen beside it. So lucky, and the best bit is the builder is paying for it! Don’t get me wrong, I did offer.

Glad you didn’t get injured.

Broken glass can be scary. Glad you weren’t hurt too. Nothing gets the blood flowing like the feeling that you almost broke something. Not just for the money factor but the PITA factor as well.

Lat year at this time I broke two storm windows on different jobs, both in the same week. Glad to say I’ve been break free ever since.

It sure makes you think smarter when handling tricky windows.

I posted some DR’s advise on the blog recently concerning broken glass & hands. Hope you were OK.

Porkie123, i haven’t that one for a long time !! Mine would be in the “ouch” side !! Two storie home, had to craw out a sm window to do the inside/outside side. Hadn’d been done in 20-30 years with all kinda paint ect on them. So wet scrap we go out side on the slan roof. I hit something and the scraper went a flying and i tryed to catch it !! Dumby me !! Dam that blades sharp !! So stoped the bleeding and now to craw in the window !! That was fun !! Had to get another shirt and wash up !! It was one of those day you would like to for get !! Anin’t this fun job !! Ha!! Just thought i would share this !! Stan, pro window kleening since 1971

yeah i’ve cut myself on blades a few times to.