Wordpress 3.1

Just to give everyone a heads up. After I upgraded to Wordpress 3.1 and went in to edit a page, certain options were missing. Anyone who is familiar with wordpress will know that when you’re editing of creating a page that there are certain options below where you edit such as whether you want to allow comments or not.

Well, apparently Wordpress 3.1 shuts those off so you can’t see them. To fix that just click the button at the top that says “Screen Options” and it’ll drop down and you can put a check by all the options that you want displayed on the page.

I hope this helps someone from getting frustrated when their options disappear. :slight_smile:

But, on the plus side, there is at least 1 new feature that I love! In the past you used to have to go from screen to screen to see your site and to edit it (and you still kinda do), but if you’re logged in there’s a navigation bar at the top that makes it a lot easier to do what you want to.

Hey John,
Clear as Mud:)

You’ll know what I mean very soon Kyle :slight_smile:

John I saw that was available, and was actually going to contact you about giving us a hand with the upgrade :slight_smile:

Sure thing! I like the changes I see so far although I haven’t noticed a lot of changes. It doesn’t seem to have any bugs (that I’ve found), so that’s good.