Work smarter not harder WFP lifter


Brilliant. I was thinking that this, along with the “power and control” would be an awesome combo.

Those glasses are smart as well. Might be a good addition to the guys who use the gutter vacs.

Here you go check this out., (also check top comment under this video.)

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This would probably be best used where there is poles on windows 30 feet or more for commercial applications.
to get more info;

Waspak is the brainchild of Fred de Ridder - a humble Dutch Window Cleaner who decided to solve his own problems with Repetitive Motion Injuries - LOOK AT THIS !
WasPak is an incredible invention that will one day be an OSHA requirement for all high window cleaning with Water Fed Poles.

This is pretty cool. I’m curious to see what @John has to say about this…

These are called “tool balancers” and have been around for decades in factories for assembly lines, film industry for camera operators, lawn care industry for holding trimmers, etc. You can make your own for less than a couple hundred bucks.


Yes seen that video before, does the same thing just constructed differently then the WasPak.
And if you look hard enough on Youtube you will find other versions does the same thing but different applications.
Are you going to put up a DIY video and show people how to make them.???
By the way you have done a great job on your version.

I think it is a great tool.Anything that will help prevent you from causing
injury to your joints with repetitive motion. As I have said before I
suffer from joint injury due to ladders and WFP use.

There’s hedge trimmer version also made in the UK.

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